Peter Taaffe: what is your answer?

June 4, 2011 at 7:51 pm (AWL, Jim D, Marxism, Middle East, Socialist Party, trotskyism)

Peter Taaffe, leader of the Socialist Party, has written two long polemics against AWL over Libya, the second of them digressing to many other things, back to Taaffe’s grievances against criticisms in the 1960s.

The AWL formally and publicly challenges Taaffe to debate the issues publicly, and we offer him a platform and an audience at our summer school, “Ideas for Freedom”, on 8-10 July.

‘Shiraz Socialist’ is not an AWL blog, but we are in favour of free and honest debate on the left. We note that the AWL challenges Peter Taaffe to debate the present situation in Libya, stating:

“We wrote to the Socialist Party challenging them to a debate on 21 April, as soon as Taaffe’s first polemic appeared on the web.

“We have written to them again since then, and repeatedly followed up with phone calls to their office. No reply yet: which indicates that they are not sure.

“Do they dare venture into public face-to-face debate? On the other hand, do they want the derision they will face on the left if they write at such length and with such a laboured display of indignation, and yet flee public debate?

“Peter Taaffe: what is your answer?”


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  2. Jim Not-D said,

    Perhaps his answer is that he won’t waste his time on incorrigible, pointless sectarians?

  3. Jim Denham said,

    Yes, that’s possible, Jim. But in that case, why has he “wasted his time” replying to the AWL in the first place? Especially as he really should have have known that they’d make mincemeat out of him (as they have done) in Marxist debate.

  4. holy joe said,

    “we are in favour of free and honest debate on the left.”
    Which is why we call opponents of the Libyan intervention scabs, tossers, wankers, Stalinists, apologists, appeasers etc, in the best traditions of free and honest debate.
    “do they want the derision they will face on the left”
    Yes, I expect that will be it, they will be afraid of the derision they will face on the left. Wouldn’t anybody fear being derided by the mighty forces of “the left”? Life would hardly be worth living afterwards.

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