Stupid Wanker: The racist dogmatism of the republican fundamentalists

April 27, 2011 at 12:55 am (Champagne Charlie, relativism, religion, republicanism, SWP, wankers)

Stupid Wanker, organ of the Stupid Wankers Party comments:

“A new group of anti-Royalist fundamentalists has grown up in the run-up to the marriage of  King William and Ms Middleton.

“This crude, one-sided hostility to the monarchy fails to take into account the fact that many working class people, many of them black, have illusions in the monarchy. Of course, we do not: but by crudely denouncing the monarchy  the sectarians repeat the anti-Caribbean and anti-black Christianophobic propaganda put about by the Tories and the BNP. Most black people are Christians and love the Queen, so those secular republican fundamentalists who denounce  religion and the monarchy are racists.”

Prof Alex Callinicont contributes a learned comment:”There is nothing in Marx calling  for the abolition of the monarchy: therefore those who do are racists.” Mr Lennie Seymour agrees and submits an article into the Guardian ‘Comment Is Free’  to that effect.

Royal wedding sick bag

Above: an example of crude, racist Republicanism.

**********************************(end of satirical bit)*******************************************

N.B: Many apparently quite intelligent people are members of the Stupid Wankers Party. Therefore, being fairly intelligent, clearly,  is no obstacle to being a complete fucking idiot – C.C.

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  1. lost said,

    i have better things to do than follow every twist and turn of either cmd.callinicos or the author or the swp(i assume thats the organisation referred to,but i wont apologize for being is it racist to be anti-monarchist because of the particular illusions of someone else,that seems to have little that is material connected to their ethnicity or anything has long seemed to me that this family are essentially the only social security scroungers i know of that fit that stereotype.the public pay for this indulgence,that enables the ruling class to deflect some of its responsibilities into further mystification.

    it also seems to me that if the anti-monarchists and republicans constitute about a third of us,then there are also a large number of people who are completely indifferent to the windsor family and who just want to get on with their ;ives.

    i have nothing against public holidays or street parties but we dont need that lot in order to have fun.are that lot paying the bill not just for the day but for the economic loss?no.that same family and the ruling class itself will make us pay.we wont be given a choice.

    and in addition my daughters lose a days education?

    to hell with the windsor family.if the king/queen ever had legitimacy it is not under capitalism,and it played a very different material it is just an excescence.those who are offended that anyone should want rid of them,should themselves pick up the tab.their monarchist sympathies are an illusion.the bill for the day and the family are all too real.

    and in addition anyone who dares to show up to show a different opinion is to be dealt with robustly-does that mean killed/beaten/arrested/criminalised/any or all of the above.if so then to hell with royalist delusions again.

    last but not least-i note the author does not indicate the evidence for his statmenmet about cmd.callinicos.i cant help but feel that this author just has it in for cmd.callinicos.its beginning to sound ;like the author is developing ocd/obessive compulsive disorder.

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