‘Stop The War’, holocaust denier Atzmon and 9/11 ‘troofer’ Hart unite….

April 26, 2011 at 10:33 am (anti-semitism, israel, Jim D, Middle East, palestine, SWP, Troothers)

… also supported by the nazis of  ‘Stormfront.’  To denounce “Zionism,” of course.

A comrade informs me:

“Been made aware of this event today.

I believe It’s being billed as a Stop the War event, but Stormfront are publicising it as well!
Speakers are: Gilad Atzmon; John Rose; Gharda Khami and Alan “9-11 was done by Israel” Hart
Takes place on the 3rd of May, 6.30pm, Cavendish St Campus.”
Perhaps we could persuade ‘Unite Against Fascism’ to picket the event?


  1. Alex Snowdon said,

    Lindsey German, convenor of Stop the War, has already made it clear (when this scurrilous claim was published on a Facebook page yesterday, from where your source has got it) that the meeting has absolutely no connection whatsoever with Stop the War. This is a simple, and unarguable, factual point.

  2. jim denham said,

    OK, Alex: let’s have the text of Lindsey German disowning and denouncing this meeting. Then we can call “Stop the War”‘s lack of connection with this meeting, “clear”…with “absolutely no connection whatsoever.”

    Presumably John Rose and Gharda Khami have now pulled out?
    Yes? Please do let us know.

  3. modernityblog said,


    It would be good if StWC made a clear statement on the issue, wouldn’t you agree?

  4. charliethechulo said,

    Seriously though, I think we should send a non sectarian letter to Rees and German asking if his actually has anything to do with STW and asking them to condemn this shit.

    They wont of course but I am sure that there are plenty of people who are genuine but wrong headed peaceniks and anti Imperialists (Tony Benn and John McDonnell for instance} who would be pretty appalled that a guy from holocaust denying Press TV is asked to comment on Jewishness.

    On 26 April 2011 20:59, mark osborn wrote:

    There are two kids at my school who were caught having the following argument: “Your Gran’s a Jew”, “No, your mum’s a Jew”, “No your Gran’s a Jew.” etc etc
    They’re probably both available – it’s not like they’ll be doing homework, or anything like that. I’ll ask them to speak and get back to you.

    On 25 April 2011 23:39, Chris Marks wrote:

    Been made aware of this event today.

    I believe It’s being billed as a Stop the War event, but Stormfront are publicising it as well!

    Speakers are: Gilad Atzmon; John Rose; Gharda Khami and Alan “9-11 was done by Israel” Hart


    Takes place on the 3rd of May, 6.30pm, Cavendish St Campus.

  5. Mark said,

    Denham claims this is a STW event supported by Nazis. But even the link he provides doesn’t point to any evidence of this at all.

    In fact, in the only paragraph referring to Stop the War, the article he links to says: “There is no mention of this event on Stop The War Coalition’s main site.”

    The strongest claim is that “….at least one Berkshire Stop The War Coalition member is circulating details”. And that’s it. Someone on a e-list somewhere in Berkshire posted details of this meeting.

    Denham has provided no evidence for his claim that STW have organised or promoted this event. Yet he expects Lindsey German or Stop the War to jump to attention to issue denunciations at the behest of his fevered imagination.

    One should bear in mind that Denham is someone who thinks Jeremy Corbyn is a reactionary, pro-fascist, anti-working class, anti-semite.

    His grasp on reality is increasingly tenuous.

  6. jim denham said,

    So, Mark, *who* exactly has organised this meeting? Are John Rees and Gharda Khami really going to speak at it? Or is this whole thing a Zionist conspiracy to discredit the anti-war movement? Or a figment of my fevered imagination? Please enlighten us, Mark.

  7. Mark said,

    How the fuck should I know who organised the meeting? You are the one claiming that this is a Stop the War event supported by Nazis. The evidence for your claim is looking increasingly thin.

  8. Stop the War Coalition and Stormfront promote the same campus event « Greens Engage said,

    […] 3: there’s a discussion about the role of Stop the War Coalition in the comments to a post on Shiraz […]

  9. maxdunbar said,

    I think Mark is Resistor Jim

    What’s really damning about this event is that no one outside the STWC is the least surprised by it.

  10. Mark said,

    No idea who Resistor is.

    For the terminally thick, like Denham and maxdunbar, I have no time whatsoever for Atzmon or Hart and have no interest in supporting this alleged meeting in any form.

    But what we are talking about is Denham’s allegation that Stop the War is organising an event supported by Nazis. He provided the ‘evidence’ for this allegation, which turns out not to be evidence at all.

    maxdunbar’s argument is very odd. “No-one who hates Stop the War is surprised that an event that they don’t approve of is not being organised or promoted by Stop the War”. It’s like something out of Alice Through the Looking Glass.

    I can’t see any evidence that Stop the War organised or promoted this meeting. You certainly haven’t come up with any.

    So all we are left with is maxdunbar’s view that a lie told about Stop the War is daming evidence because some people who hate Stop the War believe this lie.

  11. Raphaël Lévy said,

    I don’t think that Rees was ever scheduled to speak. Karmi and Rose have pulled out apparently.

  12. Sarah AB said,

    According to Tony Greenstein, Rose and Gharda are not happy about this event.


    I have no reason to doubt either his information, or the sincerity of his opposition to Atzmon’s views, though he hasn’t been very civil! (See comments on my post here)


    • Rosie said,

      I’ve read some of Tony Greenstein’s pieces eg about Israel Shamir and he is appalled that glaring anti-semites like Shamir and Atzmon present themselves as part of the pro-Palestinian movement. He finds their views foul in themselves, and also they cast the pro-Palestinian movement into disrepute.

  13. Trotsky against intervention said,

    Atzmon is a shit and should be avoided by the left. It’s good to see that the STWC is not apparently involved in this event.

    Jim appears keen to find connections between opponents of the occupation in Iraq and the far right, but not so keen to see the links between supporters of the imperialist occupation and the far right. Christopher Hitchens, for instance, has collaborated with US fascists in various activities. For instance, he worked with David Horowitz on the so-called ‘Islamofascism Month’ events, which hosted a range of US nutcases. And Norm Geras, another member of the pro-war ‘decent left’, publishes his work in the formerly left-wing but now neo-fascist journal Telos, which holds conferences sponsored by the Italian Social Movement and Belrusconi and publishes apologias for both.

  14. maxdunbar said,

    Still no evidence however that the STWC has nothing to do with this. Have they at least put a statement on the website? It would be the work of moments

  15. sackcloth and ashes said,

    ‘Jim appears keen to find connections between opponents of the occupation in Iraq and the far right’

    From Baathists in Iraq to the BNP at home – you don’t need to look very far, do you?

  16. Mikey is a Massive Wanker said,

    “Still no evidence however that the STWC has nothing to do with this.”

    When it comes to evidence, the onus is not on an accused party to prove a negative you thick cunt. Go on, delete this like you normally do, you stupid fucking twat.

  17. Sarah AB said,

    I suppose, to be fair, there is no evidence of quite a lot of things.

    Here is a further update.


  18. Rebecca said,

    Although Atzmon’s own website says the event is still on, but with new participants (in addition to him). From reading his website, it seems like *he* organized it (or one of his personal supporters), not another organization.

  19. maxdunbar said,

    The STWC leadership could at least respond to concern from critics, and also, I’m sure, concern from its remaining members

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