Bon voyage, Dave…

April 22, 2011 at 8:04 am (blogging, jazz, Jim D, New Orleans, trivia, United States)

…and Strops.

Enjoy yourselves Way Down Yonder!

Dave’s latest column is here.


  1. Trotsky against intervention said,

    I had a look at cde Dave’s blog and discovered a comment by Jim alleging, to the frankly-expressed disbelief of Dave and various other parties, that Nial Ferguson is ‘semi-Marxist’. I suppose this claim makes a sort of insane sense: Ferguson, with his unapologetic nostalgia for the British Empire, must be one of the few historians -though the word historian has to be used loosely, as Ferguson is increasingly seen more as a media entertainer than a real scholar by his peers – to agree with Jim’s claim that British rule in India had progressive results. Since Jim has, on the basis of a short unresearched text Marx repudiated more than one hundred and fifty years ago, decided that Marx also thought the British invasion of India was progressive, then Ferguson must, for Jim if for nobody else, be some sort of Marxist. What a pity that Ferguson is one of the nastiest and most ill-informed critics of Marx alive today. If Jim ever gets round to reading Ferguson’s latest TV spin off book he’ll find the ‘semi-Marxist’ calling Marx’s ideas worthless and referring to the great man as an ‘unkempt scrounger’. Some ‘semi-Marxist’…

  2. jim denham said,

    You really are a plonker, aren’t you AginTrot.

    And you’ve also openly admitted to being on the wrong side in the Libyan struggle. So in your case I really don’t either much care or have any respect for your opinions on Marxism, imperialism or anything else.

  3. Marx against intervention said,

    Isn’t it funny? The many socialists who do not believe imperialist intervention in Libya will have a positive outcome for the revolution there are, for Jim, untouchable ‘scabs’. But Nial Ferguson, who has a record of denying genodical imperialist projects by Britain, hates the left and trade union movement and attacks them at any opprtunity, and was a vocal supporter of the disastrous invasion of Iraq, is admired by Jim, and even elevated to the status of ‘semi-Marxist’.

  4. jim denham said,

    AgainstMarx, you plonker:

    Here’s a little challenge;

    1/ find the word “admire” or anything remotely resembling it in anything I’ve ever written about Nial Ferguson, and I’ll send £50 to the SWP and/or the Taliban. Deal?

    2/ Find anything I’ve ever written supporting the invasion of Iraq.

    Do that and I’ll send £50 to the SWP and/or the Taliban (whichever you most admire).

  5. saeed said,

    Sometimes Jim you come across as very juvenile….

  6. Trotsky against intervention said,

    Ah, I see, you don’t ‘admire’ Ferguson, you just consider him ‘semi-Marxist’. And of course you don’t support the US invading Iraq – you just support them occupying Iraq.

    The reason you support the occupation and you support Ferguson’s neo-colonial revisionism, which flies in the face of a century of left-wing scholarship, is simple – you think imperialism has progressive qualities. In India in the 1850s, and in Iraq today. What a bizaree and strange attitude to hold in the 21st century. You remind me of the old Stalinists still trying to justify the murder of millions in the name of some abstract notion of historical progress. Except that at least they have the courage to call themselves what they are, whereas you skip over the fact that the system you call histroically progressive produced the Bengali and half a dozen other apocalypses which left millions of corpses.

  7. jim denham said,

    I think our differences, Against, can be summed up thus: I’m a Marxist; you are a fucking idiot.

  8. Trotsky against intervention said,

    It’s a funny sort of Marxist who thinks the invasion and conquest of most of the world by European imperialist powers – invasions which involved slavery, indentured labour, and mass extermination of native peoples – were progressive. I challenged Jim to actually name a single feature of British India which was progressive. I asked him to find me some economic data, some evidence of a bourgeois democratic revolution, some evidence of ideological modernisation. He couldn’t find anything and has resorted to abuse. And the closest ally he can find for his viewpoint is Niall Ferguson! This man, who is notorious for his attempts to reverse the gains which two generations of distinguished Marxist historians (Kiernan, Hobsbawm, etc) have brought to the study of British colonialism, is named by Jim as a semi-Marxist! You couldn’t make this stuff up.

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