Elizabeth Taylor RIP

March 23, 2011 at 10:38 pm (cinema, good people, Jackie Mcdonough)

She wasn’t just a great beauty with a tempestuous private life: she could really act and held her own alongside Katharine Hepburn and Montgomery Clift in this intelligent thriller (imho her best film) written by Tennessee Williams:


In some ways a sad figure in later years, her fund-raising for aids research should not be forgotten. She was,  by all accounts, a very nice person. That helps, doesn’t it?

The New York Times obit (written by someone who predeceased her by six years) is here.

It is always said (and I’m sure it’s true) that her and Burton “couldn’t  live with each other and couldn’t live without each other). But I note Burton’s comment, quoted in the NY Times obit: “She has wonderful eyes, but she has a double chin and an overdeveloped chest, and she’s rather short in the leg.” I like to think Buirton was making the point that someone doesn’t have to be physically perfect in order to be beautiful. On the other hand he may just have been a sexist swine. Or drunk.

RIP Liz.


  1. Rosie said,

    I put a video of her on my own blog. I would have liked to have said something about her acting ability etc so as not to be accused of sexism, only seeing women as objects etc but really she was extraordinarily beautiful. Not noticing that beauty would have been like not noticing the beauty of the Taj Mahal or Fujiama.

  2. cedric said,

    Who!s Affraid of Virginia Wolf.Who needs the Osbourne!s or Gene.I have lived four lives, been up and Down.R.I.P.

  3. Oscar Lomax's Undercrackers with added vitamins and minerals said,

    The need for democracy and freedom in all the Muslim States is rocking all the despotic countries. Of course/ some are more despostic than others. Iran comes to mind.

  4. Oscar Lomax's Undercrackers with added vitamins and minerals said,

  5. cedric said,

    Wonder if Liz,ever put her mind to socialist thoughts.

  6. Oscar Lomax's Undercrackers with added vitamins and minerals said,

    cedric. the new e e cummings

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