Uncle Jake Hanna

February 27, 2011 at 8:28 pm (good people, jazz, Jim D)

Maria Judge, the niece of my drumming hero, the late Jake Hanna, has done me the honour of asking me to contribute to a book about her uncle. She’s also sent this YouTube tribute put together by her brother:

Jake (a great wit as well as a great drummer): “I wouldn’t work for anyone who wasn’t funny: they gotta be funny first”

Also from Jake: “If it’s not in in 4/4 I’m not gonna work the record date, that’s all there is to it:  if it ain’t swinging’ I don’t wanna be on the date.”

Maria says:

 Please feel free to pass this along to any other Jake fans who might like to share their thoughts. I’ve attached a call for stories with submission info.

I got the idea for the book last February at the San Diego Jazz Party, the week after Jake died, when all the musicians were telling Jake stories and I decided that someone needed to collect them. So some of the prospective contributors have known about this for a year and therefore needed a firm deadline, so I’ve asked for submissions by March 5. I’m still aiming to get it in print in April, but I have a bit of flexibility with the due date if people who are just hearing about it need more a bit more time. I’m self publishing it so everything is set to go with the printer once I have the material ready.

Maria would like to hear from anyone with memories of Jake: send them to me at jimcftu@yahoo.com, and I’ll pass them on to Maria.

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  1. Dave said,

    As opposed to my attitude, which is ‘if it ain’t in 4/4, I probably can’t play it anyway’.

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