Skidmarx unbanned

February 1, 2011 at 4:04 pm (bloggocks, deviants, Free Speech, Jim D)

As a result of representations made to Rosie, Skidmarx has been unbanned. To be honest, I’d forgotten I’d banned him. He really pissed me off over something, but I forget what, just now. Having no democratic procedures on this blog I came over all ‘Assange’ and  just thought “fuck it” and banned him. I have now relented.

 Prometheus, Titan helper of mankind | Laconian black figure amphoriskos C6th B.C. | Vatican City Museums

But remember, Skidders: one false move and I’ll have that eagle pecking at your liver again. While you shit yourself (see illustration).


  1. Doug said,

    Not like that pseudo intellectual windbag and Galloway suck up Andy Newman who deletes contributions criticising ‘two homes George’, the Tehran mouthpiece, and SP members who obejct to the lies and half truths him and his chums churn out. about the anti cuts issue.

  2. skidmarx said,

    Why thank-you Jim.

    @Doug – while a google search will reveal that I was banned from Newman’s Place for ripping into Galloway at every opportunity (maybe they should have learned that if you are persistently rude to people, they are likely to respond in kind), the constant attempts to paint him as some sort of jihadist monster on certain sites has given me more sympathy for him than I ever had before. Don’t get me started on Newman though.

  3. skidmarx said,

    Somewhat ironic that my comment on this thread hasn’t appeared. Que sera,sera.

  4. jim denham said,

    Skidders: if your comment has not appeared, it must be a technical problem of some kind. I have looked at the ‘Shiraz’ spam filter and cannot see anything from you held up there. So I honestly don’t know what’s going on. As far as I’m concerned, you are free to comment here.

  5. Laban Tall said,

    Be fair to Andy. He can’t make up his mind whether the People’s Republic of China or the followers of the Prophet are the new overlords who he, for one, welcomes.

  6. SteveH said,

    “I’d forgotten I’d banned him”

    One Ego deflates another. LOL!


    They just replace my comments with YIP YAP YIP YAP.

    Bloody Stalinists!

  7. Southpawpunch said,

    For a democratic secular state of Palestine!

    Support the resistance in Afghanistan, Iraq etc. Support the (so-called) Taliban!

    For defence of the Soviet Union and the degenerated workers state (nearly now obsolete)!

    There, that should do it. Can I be banned?

    Incidentally what happened to the much better Volty, on this site? Has he been banned?

    I don’t think I have been banned by Newman but have given up commentating there as the lowlife will near randomly delete some of my comments, quite often to try and make himself and his cronies look better e.g. you will respond to his point arguing with you pointing out how he is obviously talking rubbish and he zaps that to make it like his word is the last and only correct version.

    It’d really be good to have a discussion bulleting board for the far Left. Newman’s is way too Stalinist or 3rd world ‘personality’, Lenin’s Tomb all SWP, other like Dave’s Part are too Labour and this place too rightwing (the AWL being at the far right of far Leftism).

    I wish some member of Workers Power, Perm Rev, CPGB (WW), (US) FI, unaligned etc. would set up a discussion board that is open to all. It’s worrying that any new school students, for example, first coming to revolutionary politics alight on ‘one of the biggest far left blogs, Socialist Unity with articles like today’s ‘The Greatest Arab’ (Nasser!) and think that disgusting articles like that have anything to do with ‘communism’.

  8. jim denham said,

    Southpawpunch: “Can I be banned?”

    No, you’re too boring.

  9. David Ellis said,

    Jim Denham is zionist scum who wants to Nuke Iranian workers. How’s that?

  10. David Ellis said,

    Denham: saw your yankee boys doing a great job blowing up poor farmers houses in Afghanistan on Panorama yesterday.

  11. Rosie said,

    They just replace my comments with YIP YAP YIP YAP.

    And you still keep coming back for more don’t you, you wee masochist?

  12. SouthPawPaunch's greatest fan said,

    When’s the book coming out, SPP? Xmas 2005, wasn’t it?

  13. jim denham said,

    What with Ellis and “Southpaw”, this thread is becoming very tedious: the truth is, you guys, that you’re not very interesting, We don’t want to hear from you any more. OK?

  14. Southpawpunch said,

    So we’re banned! Ta, ‘comrade. (P.S.release Volty)’

  15. jim denham said,

    “So we’re banned! Ta, ‘comrade. (P.S.release Volty)’

    Another example of what I didn’t say.


    Volty will be back once he’s got over his wedding.


  16. Chaz Wyman said,

    As a new visitor – this does not sound great

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