Janine Booth wins RMT Exec election

January 14, 2011 at 10:40 pm (AWL, Jim D, socialism, unions, women, workers)

Slightly belated congrats to my AWL comrade Janine Booth: she’s become the first ever woman to be elected to the London Transport seat on the RMT’s national Council of Executives.

rmt-logo.jpg. In a landslide victory, Janine received more than double the amount of votes won by her opponent (2,062 to 947). The key focus of her campaign was increasing rank-and-file control in the union and developing assertive industrial strategies designed to win. With the jobs dispute on London Underground now at a key juncture, the presence of a rank-and-file socialist like Janine on the union’s national leadership could make a real difference.

Janine is interviewed in the present issue of Solidarity and Workers Liberty.


  1. Mike Killingworth said,

    With Boris having decided to introduce driverless trains, she’ll have her work cut out.

  2. Mikey said,

    I knew Janine when she was a student! She was a revolutionary socialist then and she is a revolutionary socialist now.

  3. baldric said,

    Fair doos,what is the sexist crap about us by sexual us sexual.What the fuck has that got to do with, do you pay your subs or not.Unionism is not about your sexual preference its about fair doos for the members,and those that stand and represent.Maybe im a bit to grey for todays socialists.

  4. Mikey said,

    From the vaults:

    I’ve been a straight talker for many a year
    But now I’ve SSiN and can’t speak very clear
    I went to a caucus and felt a real freak
    Asked a question in English they answered in SSiN speak

    And it’s dosh spondoolics, this is a good thing
    When you dib dob your ex’s
    Spondoolics good thing

    I know David Brennan and he’s forty-eight
    You’d have thought at that age he could think and speak straight
    But he just laughs tea cakes he’s off his brown head
    So waz off you porkies and slap Duncan’s head

  5. Mikey said,


    That should be

    “But now I’ve joined SSiN and can’t speak very clear.”

  6. daveinstokenewington said,

    Hello? I too lived in SSiN.

    I spoke English then. I speak English now.

    Congrats to Janine.

  7. Mikey said,

    To the tune of Good King Wenclass

    Big Ben Lucas once carved out
    Blackpool Easter Conference
    We’d have won without a doubt
    If he had a conscience
    Big Ben is a Stalinist
    He’s a f*cking w*nk
    Like that moron Neil Usher

    What a stupid pl-a-a-nk

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