Galloway on Sheridan: us good looking blokes don’t go with ugly birds

December 29, 2010 at 4:16 pm (cults, Galloway, Jackie Mcdonough, misogyny, populism, Respect, scotland, Sheridan, Socialist Party, stalinism)

A new low even for Galloway, defending his mate Tommy “good looking” Sheridan:


Above: Phwoar! Control yourselves, girls!

“No one knows what’s going on in other people’s bedrooms. It’s possible that the Tommy I’ve known for nearly 30 years deceived me as to his true character but I don’t think so. As a good looking young man, sure, Tommy would have legions of female admirers. I was that soldier once! He may have slept with some, even many of them, though he never breathed a word of it to me.

“Maybe he even cheated on his wife Gail, as fragrant and graceful a wife as any man could ever have. With Anvar Khan? But I doubt it. At least I have “reasonable doubts” about it. Which is why the verdict came as such a shock. And why I hope this verdict is appealed.”

Note the “I was that soldier once“… he just can’t resist, can he? What a tosser…

Read the rest here.

H/t: Dave


  1. martin ohr said,

    I read the article and had the same thoughts- what a sexist piece of shit galloway is. Of course galloway doesn’t actually write the column himself, he just gets paid for having his name on it -but still to put your name to such bollocks is a disgrace.

    Besides which all; my recollection from student days was that sheridan’s reputation was that he’d do anyone.

    Sheridans supporters just need to take it on the chin- Tommy gambled by lying in court to scam the News of the World for a couple of hundred thousand pounds, and lost. The sheridanistas should be apologising to the rest of the left for the names they’ve called us in not being wanted to be dragged into his spiral of mistruths.

  2. stroppybird said,

    Oh dear, I need a cold shower now 🙂

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