In codpieces we trust

December 19, 2010 at 11:26 am (men, Rosie B, Uncategorized, war)

UK troops will be provided with armoured underwear for pelvic protection to offer protection from pressure-plate improvised explosive devices (IEDs) and bombs in Afghanistan.

The combat codpiece is made of special ballistic material crafted from silk and synthetics, and is ultra-lightweight as well as capable of stopping or mitigating the effects of a blast.

Based on the armour technology used by Genghis Khan’s Mongol warriors in the 13th century, the codpiece could also be implemented by the US and other Nato forces.


About time, if Ghenghis Khan’s squaddies were issued with such items of protection.  It’s not as if British soldiers have only just got round to fearing injury to the male apparatus:-

From a soldier’s account of marching through Normandy after D-Day:-

At night there was much air activity.  I mention this only to record an interesting psychological consensus.  Like my colleagues I slept in a small individual canvas tent, near a slit trench in which it was considered bad form to take shelter.  Nor was there more than minimal danger, though my own side did get quite near killing me with an unexploded anti-aircraft shell.  But the noise was immense at times.  I found myself lying on my back in my camp-bed with my tin hat, supposedly proof against shrapnel, on my head.  After a couple of minutes’ thought I would transfer the hat to the area that included my genitals.  A couple of minutes’ more thought, and the hat was back on my head.  Still more thought – back down to the balls.  Yet more thought. . . At some stage I would get fed up with the fandango and fall asleep.  Coyly mentioning it one morning at breakfast in the Mess tent as a possibly amusing quirk, I was greeted with a roar of agreement, sympathy, relief – “Thank God somebody’s said it at last!”  All my brother officers without exception regularly went through the same routine.

Memoirs by Kingsley Amis


  1. Mikeovswinton said,

    I think Cameo may have a few left over from the 80s they may be able to supply.

  2. Steve said,

    Well done to the Tories and the ruling class for offering ‘our’ ‘brave’ boys protection. There can now be no objection to war. And boy will they look sexy as they are carrying their BIG weapons into the barbarian villages. War is such a turn on.

    Hopefully we can provide some protective gear for the poor people they are terrorising. But hey, who are they anyway?

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