UKIP: “Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Fuehrer”

November 25, 2010 at 12:58 am (Europe, fascism, Jim D, mental health, populism, strange situations, twat, wankers)

UKIP MEP suspended from chamber after ‘Nazi’ jibe

The European Parliament voted to eject UKIP MEP Godfrey Bloom following comments he made against German social democrat Martin Schultz.


It’s a well-known bogging characteristic that sooner or later any heated political debate will end up with accusations of fascism:  Godwin’s Law.

I’ve been accused of bandying about (and thus devaluing) the term “fascist.” However, my usual use of that term is in relation to ‘Political Islamism’ (not Islam itself). I would also argue that the term “fascist” is reasonable for all practicable purposes in describing  Enoch Powell’s supporters in late-sixties Britain, Franco’s supporters in Spain, Saddam Hussain’s regime in Iraq, Hezbollah, Hamas or the Griffin-led BNP -none of which conform precisely to the classic definition of  Twentieth Century European fascism.

But for a member of  the (non-fascist but far-right) UKIP to suggest that a German Social Democrat is a Nazi because Social Democrats support the (thoroughly progessive) call for a united Europe, is simply a racist, anti-German disgrace. UKIP are reactionary, racist scum and should be disciplined as a party within the European Parliament. Of course they won’t be, because the European Parliament is too polite towards scum like UKIP and other racists and bigots- mainly parties  from Eastern Europe allied to nice Mr. Cameron’s Conservative Party. The danger at the moment is that “respectable” bourgeois and workers’ parties are being sucked in to the UKIP/far right’s anti-immigrant agenda. Similarly the “left” because of their irrational anti-Europeanism.

UKIP are not actually fascists: but if I wanted to bait them I could make a case that they are. Pity that most of the so-called “Left” agree with them about Europe.


  1. china!h said,

    Dont it piss you off,that you dont get to much responce to your posts,and when they are digging at a reek.Adolf,.DO we salute left or right for compulsory recogniton.Adolf and his mind of his people created a barrow full from a empty one..All the now and then (capital) world resources aided that.Bugger that Adolf lost the plot about socialism and the socialist party that he userped.Mind you, could be that socialism has no place for our todays capitalism and its political structure.

  2. entdinglichung said,

    probably this fruitcake does not know, that the SPD was banned in 1933 by the Nazis

  3. china!h said,

    No fruitcake,the nuts were left out.Not to worry though,when you take control the workers shall be paid the same as the rests,as will be those also in charge of the munitians and keys.

  4. Steve said,

    So this guy is an even bigger idiot than you, that seems to be the subtext here. For once I would agree!

    “Pity that most of the so-called “Left” agree with them about Europe.”

    For fucks sake, even if we disagree with some of our comrades views on Europe, to equate that to UKIP’s Europhobia is absurd, but in keeping with the usual level of your analysis.

  5. Cutters said,

    In terms of what the puerile Social Democrat was saying, “Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Fuehrer” was a suitable exact way of saying. You don’t like that, that is your problem. Bloom should have refused to leave, he was elected to the Parliament and has every right to be there.

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