Morning Star’s Dallas turns on Pete Seeger

November 24, 2010 at 10:08 pm (anti-semitism, Champagne Charlie, Christianity, israel, Middle East, music, palestine, stalinism)

The Stalinist Morning Star newspaper’s  tame folkie and Christian anti-“Zionism” zealot Karl Dallas, has written a heartfelt open letter to his hero Pete Seeger. What has  former hero of the Stalinist left Seeger done to upset his old admirer?

Supported a peace initiative, it would seem.

But it’s peace between an irredeemably evil people and their victims. What Mr Dallas wants is simply the defeat of the irredeemably bad people, not peace or reconciliation. Things have gone too far for that.

And don’t be taken in by the irredeemably evil people masquerading in environmentalist colours.

The ever-accelerating degeneration of the Morning Star into “absolute anti-Zionism” is well documented here.

Below: Pete Seeger, Which Side Are You On? Now Stalinists ask him that question.


  1. Jenny said,

    Considering that the JNF has planted trees on former Palestinian land,I’d say he has a right to be ashamed of Pete Seeger, sorry;

  2. jim denham said,

    Jenny, I don’t know enough about the Arava Institute to comment upon their (alleged) role in Israeli expansionism into former Palestinian land. If that allegation is true, then that organisation is to be condemned. But the initiative supported by Pete Seeger would appear to be a genuine / reconcilaition initiative:

  3. Pro-lifer said,

  4. charliethechulo said,

    Thanks for that, “pro-lifer”: but all it (ie that link) does is repeat the usual false and misleading analogy between Israel and apartheid South Africa – which seems to be the starting point for all anti-“Zionism” zealots, whether from the Christian (often Catholic), Muslim or “absolute anti-Zionist” so-called “left”…. none recognise Israel’s right to exist or want a two-state solution. All are, in reality, politically anti-semitic.

  5. Pro-lifer said,

    Chuchu, keep ur hair on. Do you actually know who Jeff Halper is or have you just copied and pasted your post from a stock supply?

  6. kowalskil said,


    Can science and religion coexist peacefully? This is a good question to start an interesting discussion. See how it was answered by many smart people at my website:

    Ludwik Kowalski
    Professor Emeritus
    Montclair State University, NJ

  7. charliethechulo said,

    Have readers seen the new issue of the New Statesperson? The NS Interview is with Julia Newburger, who comes out with a position on anti-Semistism all too typical of the NS / Graun milieu not a million miles from the views expressed a year or two ago by Ken Loach. Admittedly the NS Interview format does not allow for nuanced replies, but I still think this is thoroughly evasive, ambigious and dangerously complacent:

    Q: Are you aware of anti-semitism in the UK?

    A: It’s much stronger in eastern Europe. Is it a big issue in the UK? I don’t think it is. It’s often overplayed and people are oversensitive. A lot of what comes out as anti-semitism is actually anti-Israel feeling.

  8. charliethechulo said,

  9. Karl Dallas said,

    As a lifelong anti-fascist, who first visited Israel as a passionate supporter in 1968 and was shocked to find the level of anti-Arab racism, which reminded me of Oswald Mosley’s Blackshirts when I was a child during the anti-fascist struggles in London, I regularly engage in dialogue with both sides of the conflict. But the sheer numbers killed in Gaza (for instance) during the Israeli attack confirm my view that those in charge of Israel do not want peace. To be critical of Israeli policies is not to be anti-Jewish. I am critical of Britain and America’s colonialist adventures in Iraq and Afghanistan, but thayt does not make me anti-British or anti-American. On the contrary, just as I salute the Jews for the contribution they have made to human progress, I salute also those who have fought oppression wherever it has appeared, which includes many Jews without whose support organisations like the International Solidary Movement would be unable to function.

  10. jim denham said,

    Thanks for commenting, Karl: you will always be welcome here. But I have to ask, in view of some of your comments in the ‘Morning Star: do you accept Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish state (with, of course, full civil rights for non-Jews) behind 1967 borders? A lot of what appears in the ‘Morning Star’ (including your stuff) would suggest not.

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