Christine O’Donnell: human with a mouse’s brain

October 29, 2010 at 7:38 am (Champagne Charlie, insanity, populism, religious right, Republican Party, science, United States)

This person is standing for Senate…and could win!

And there’s no need to go back to 1998 for evidence of her mental incompetence; this is from November 2007:

Full transcript here (plus Pinkie and the Brain!)

Be afraid…


  1. Mike Killingworth said,

    She’s got to be Sarah Palin’s vice-Presidential candidate, surely…

  2. Invictus_88 said,

    Part-time Catholic, part-time Protestant, fulltime lunatic?


  3. Mama's Kumquat said,

    The thick bourgeois liberal Mayer is almost as stupid and ignorant as the O’Donnell nutcase. O’Donnell’s “argument” was patently not that monkeys evolving into humans is an observable phenomenon but rather that if monkeys cannot both be the ancestors of human beings and simultaneously live alongside them. That might actually be a rather damning indictment of evolutionary science if evolutionary science actually made the claim that monkeys are the ancestors of human beings, which of course it does not and never has. Still, why would you expect a smug, thick piece of shit like Mayer to have actually done some research on the question in the 12 years between the original clip and the lastest show. Is it any wonder that America is overrun with religious numptys when the “rationalists” are so fucking useless?

  4. shane said,

    Is she Catholic or Protestant?

  5. maxdunbar said,

    Surely, by concentrating on these ‘extremists’ we are just reinforcing the existing neoliberal order

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