Matgamna on the present state of Labour

September 29, 2010 at 8:42 pm (AWL, Jim D, labour party, socialism, unions)

Maybe the bourgeois press isn’t that wide of the mark…


The AWL’s Sean Matgamna is surprisingly up-beat about recent developments and the prospects for the “reclaimation” of the Party:

What is new about Ed Miliband’s Labour?

That New Labour would be shaken up by electoral defeat, and that defeat would allow “old Labour” and trade-union discontent with what Blair and Brown had done to the Labour Party to emerge, has been obvious for a long time.

That the shake-up would within four months of the general election and New Labour’s defeat produce the transformations expressed in the election of Ed Miliband – the trade unions’ candidate – as leader of the party, and in his speech to conference on Tuesday 28 September, is nevertheless startling. The speed, scope, and (in a limited sense) completeness of the change is startling.

Although the press has not reported this, and as we write even the delegates have not been formally told the result of the card vote, we understand that the conference voted, on trade-union initiative, to restore to unions and local Labour Parties the right to send (a limited number of) motions to annual conference.

This reverses the decision of 2007 conference to end completely the old practice of having conference act as a forum and parliament of the labour movement, and to turn it into a rally instead.

That 2007 decision had been a sealing-off and completion of the rule changes introduced in 1997 that destroyed the structures that had allowed the rank and file and the affiliated unions to function – however inadequately – in politics.

The reversal of the 2007 decision (again, assuming the report is true) can be made the beginning of a reconstruction of the Labour Party, and its reclaimation by the trade unions and Labour Party members.

 Read the rest here.


  1. maxdunbar said,

    Wow! It’s like watching a full psychotic nervous breakdown!

    This won’t make any sense after I delete all this shit, of course!

  2. Kucing Hitam said,

    Apparently admonishing a racist is now too controversial for a ‘blog’ with ‘Socialist’ on the masthead.

    Perhaps it’s time for you and DingDong to call a board meeting and agree to merge this horror show with your brethren at HP Sauce.

    PS. Like Blerg commenntyatrr and Kojack, I too find Will’s/Oscar’s détournements highly diverting. You cannot see the absurdity even as its breath is on your face.

    Two wurdzzs — Super Massive Black Hole

  3. Kojack said,

    Hands off Jim’s threads Hitler “Max” Youth ! Honestly, he’s been here a lot longer than you have and is perfectly capable of deciding for himself whether or not to delete comments. Jim, I wouldn’t take this shit if I were you – why don’t you stand up to the little squirt for once in your life?

  4. Max Dunbar said,

    Well, we had twenty-odd comments from the same person, all of which were irrelevant and abusive

  5. Kucing Hitam said,

    Criticism of capitalism now not allowed at a ‘blog’ with the word ‘Socialist’ on the masthead.


  6. Blerg commenntyatrr said,

    You out in Brum tomorrow Jim? There’s t0rY VERMIN to be opposed

  7. jim denham said,

    Yes: will you be there? We could meet. Snow Hill Station, 11 am.

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