RIP The Bill

August 31, 2010 at 11:08 pm (Jackie Mcdonough, police, trivia, TV)

ITV didn’t know what to do with it. They fucked it about, turning it into a soap, then an attempt at a UK ‘Hill Street Blues’: why couldn’t they have just left it alone?  Now they’ve killed it off. The last episodes were outstanding – at least as good as ‘Law and Order UK’, for instance.

RIP The Bill: the best British cop series ever. Apparently, 19,00 actors appeared on it over is 27  years on the air, so it’s also a blow to Equity. Where will ex-East Enders go now?

NB: the following Youtube video is from a young fan a couple of years ago – it’s a first attempt and (imho) a worthy effort:

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  1. Ed Maltby said,

    I thought Cops on BBC was better – do you remember it? It had that fat one out of Early Doors, he was good. Operation Good Guys also beat the Bill.

    So, in conclusion

    And furthermore

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