When Your Lover Has Gone – Maxine Sullivan

August 29, 2010 at 12:02 am (good people, jazz, Jim D)

 There’s a personal reason for remembering this particular song, but I won’t bore you with it. The music, however, is too good to keep secret:

Maxine Sullivan is all but forgotten these days, but was a great singer of the thirties and forties who made a successful comeback in the late sixties and seventies, singing better than ever. She was also a woman with a strong social conscience, devoting herself to community work and charitable activity in the Bronx, where she lived. The last picture you’ll see on this Youtube clip is of Maxine as a vivacious, smiling elderly lady, still full of music, laughter and humanity. She died in 1987.

Lee Wiley (another almost forgotten singer) also did a great version of this song, with (unlikely as it might seem),  Eddie Condon and his gang.


  1. jim denham said,

    Talking of great singers, I’ve just been listening to this (about an earlier flooding of New Orleans):

    For the first time in my life, I felt the hair on the back of my head stand up…

  2. Pinkie said,

    Lovely. Stick to the music, James.

  3. Oscar Lomax said,

    If your liver has gone i would urge you to seek medical attention immediately. Or perhaps you have donated body organs in exchange for money? If so this is definitely a case of ’surplus value’ being a quantity unpayable to the donor. This is now a common practice in increasing parts of the globe – (this is bad news if you are a human — not too bad if your are an octopus*) and as such is actually a very accurate definition of the term ‘labour embodied’. While Marx used the metaphor of the blood sucking vampire to encapsulate the process of valorisation, this modern reality takes us beyond even the worst Gothic nightmare Edgar Allen Poe could summon up from the darkest depths of his imagination. The destruction of labour as a source of value means that, for many millions of people, the only source of value they have left to sell is literally their bodies.

    *An octopus with seven legs is a rarity. They tend to crop up in Scandinavia for some reason. Beware normal Inky’s that have had a leg snipped off. It’s not the same.

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