Kristallnacht in Covent Garden

August 27, 2010 at 11:11 pm (anti-semitism, Jim D)


Kristallnacht survivors share their recollections of the day the Holocaust began, dedicated to preserving the memory of Jewish life in Central Europe Nazis

From the PSC:

“The next fortnightly demonstration outside the Ahava beauty shop in Covent Garden, London, takes place this Saturday (28 August) from 12 – 2pm.
The campaign against Ahava, not just in England, but worldwide, is moving forward rapidly with London’s fortnightly demonstrations leading the way.
Why Ahava? Ahava is an Israeli company…”


  1. resistor said,

    Denham is being typically dishonest. He knows that Ahava isn’t just ‘an Israeli company’ but one that operates in the occupied West Bank and trades in stolen goods which it passes off as ‘Israeli’.

  2. skidmarx said,

    as can be discovered from the rest of quotation that Jim has unfortunately overlooked:
    …which profits from Israel’s illegal occupation of Palestinian land. Its factory is based on land stolen from the Palestinians – in the illegal West Bank settlement of Mitzpe Shalem – and its products use mud from the Dead Sea, illegally exploiting the West Bank’s natural resources. Ahava’s presence in Mitzpe Shalem secures the financial viability of this settlement, and helps to cement the Occupation.

    Strangely there is a similar article here.

  3. jim denham said,

    If I’d wanted to be dishonest, I wouldn’t have provided a link to the full quote, on the PSC’s website, would I? Nor put three dots at the end of the quote I used (meaning, to any halfway literate person, that it’s excerpted from a longer quotation): I was making a polemical point. It’s what political people do. But, being honest as well as political, I provided a link so that readers can judge things for themselves. As both the anti-semite “resister” and Skidiot should know, I oppose the occupation of the West Bank and Gaza, and favour a two states way forward. But the purpose of the boycott campaign is to “delegitimise”, and ultimately, destroy Israel. The people who support this particular campaign (like the anti-M&S campaign before it) make no distinction between the occupied territories, pre-1967 Israel, or Jewish people in Britain who are sympathetic to Israel. In fairness, it would be very difficult – I’d say impossible – for a consumer boycott campaign to do so. That much should be obvious, even to the likes of resister (who of course, approves) and Skidiot (who may or may not).

  4. resistor said,

    If you go here

    you will see that Jim is on the same side as the EDL and Zionist far-right.

  5. jim denham said,

    Resister: as a fanatical anti-semite yourself, you probably cannot understand that it’s possible to oppose two equally reactionary forces, both at the same time. You must be loving the situation one group of racist ultra-reactionaries is supporting Israel, while another ultra-reactionary gang of anti-semites (you and your “anti-Zionist” friends in the PSC) are doing the opposite. A distillation of the Middle East conflict that will bring joy to the hearts of racists and hate-mongerers like you.

  6. FlyingRodent said,

    I really doubt that Jim is in with the EDL in any way. On the other hand, anyone invoking Kristallnacht in relation to any events occurring in modern Britain is utterly deranged.

    Howard Jacobson, I’m looking at you.

  7. johng said,

    Well I think its as fine an example of immoral equivalence as any other.

  8. K]]-999 said,

    Denham will never stop pissing on the Palestinian people.

  9. resistor said,

    Jim Denham has failed to address the fact that the gang opposing the Ahava boycott demonstration was made up of far right Zionists and EDL fascist thugs. Is it because they are his natural allies?

  10. jim denham said,

    Uri Avnery of Gush Shalom, as usual writes a lot of sense:
    (also in today’s ‘Morning Star’ healined “Peaceful message must be clear”)

    I agree with him that if it were possible to distinguish between boycotts aimed specifically and clearly at the settlements, and a general boycott of Israel, then there might be a place for for such targetted boycotts as part of a serious pro-Palestinian soldarity campaign. In practice, I cannot see how the distinction would work. Most people (as Avnery recognises) involved in boyoctt activity do not make the distinstion, and neither does the media or the public.

    But it’s a serious, thoughtful piece by someone with an impeccable and courageous record of defending Palestinian rights while also defending Israel’s right to exist against anti-semites who would deny it – and deny thae possibility of doing both things.

  11. tyresome points said,

    Well Avnery clearly sees the Ahava campaign in the approved class:
    THE FIRST thing is to clearly differentiate between the boycott of the settlements and a general boycott of Israel. The TV report suggested that many of the protesters do not see the border between the two. It showed a middle-aged British woman in a supermarket, waving some fruit over her head and shouting: “these come from a settlement!” Then it showed a demonstration against the Ahava cosmetic products that are extracted from the Palestinian part of the Dead Sea.
    If you still want to compare it to Nazi oppression it’s no surprise that you can’t distinguish between any opposition to Israel and the worst anti-semitism.

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