Worth a Thousand Words

August 21, 2010 at 11:45 am (Max Dunbar, Pakistan)

This, according to How Big Really?, is how Pakistan’s floods would look if they covered the UK:



  1. Mike Killingworth said,

    Is there anyone else who has been reluctant to donate to the charities seeking to relieve the misery these floods have caused because they know that some, if not most of their donation will be skimmed off by politicians?

    Should I make a gift of, say, £50 knowing that only £5 of it will actually reach those in need?

  2. charliethechulo said,

    You can be sure of this reaching the people who need it and not being skimmed off:

    ● Labour Relief Campaign account details for fund transfers: Labour Education Foundation; account number: 01801876. Route: Please advise and pay to Citibank, New York, USA Swift CITI US 33 for onward transfer to BANK ALFALAH LTD., KARACHI, PAKISTAN A/C No. 36087144 and for final transfer to BANK ALFALAH LTD., LDA PLAZA, KASHMIR ROAD, LAHORE, PAKISTAN. Swift: ALFHPKKALDA for A/C No. 01801876 OF LABOUR EDUCATION FOUNDATION.

    ● For further information please contact: Khalid Mahmood, Labour Education Foundation, ground floor, 25-A Davis Road, Lahore, Pakistan. Email: khalid@lef.org.pk. Telephone: 0092 42 6303808 or 0092 42 6315162. Fax: 0092 42 6271149. Mobile: 0092 321 9402322.

    ● Australian readers can donate via the Australian trade unions’ aid agency APHEDA here.

    ● For more information see the website of the Labour Party Pakistan: http://www.laborpakistan.org

  3. maxdunbar said,

    Sadly, most aid is diverted or ripped off to some extent

  4. Mike Killingworth said,

    Charlie, somehow giving money to a political party doesn’t strike me as the obvious answer. They might just have their own agenda…

  5. Bruce said,

    You can also donate more easily to the Labour Relief Campaign via the Scottish Socialist Party:

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