Mo Farah backs Somaliland

July 29, 2010 at 8:12 pm (africa, asylum, immigration, Jim D, sport, war)

Mo Farah

Mo Farah’s stunning victory in the  European Championship 10,000 metres, his good-humoured sportsmanship and his loyalty to his friend Chris Thompson, should serve to remind us of just what a wonderful contribution refugees have made to this country. Mo came here in 1993 as a nine-year-old refugee from the war-torn hell-hole that was (and is) Mogadishu. Evidently he loves his adopted country, but that doesn’t mean he’s forgotten his roots. On Tuesday night, someone in the Barcelona crowd threw him a Somaliland flag. Somaliland broke away from Somalia in 1991 and is under threat from the fundamentalist thugs of the Islamic Courts Union.

According to the Graun, Mo would seem to be sympathetic to Somaliland and commented, “It’s part of Somalia now trying to be recognised as a republic. They’ve just got a new government. I was chucked the flag and I thought: ‘Yeah, OK.'”

regionally known as
Jamhuuriyadda Soomaaliland
جمهورية أرض الصومال
Jumhūrīyat Arḍ aṣ-Ṣūmāl
Republic of Somaliland
Flag National Emblem
Mottoلا إله إلا الله محمد رسول الله  (Arabic)
Lā ilāhā illā-llāhu; muhammadun rasūlu-llāhi  (transliteration)
“There is no god but God; Muhammad is the Messenger of God”And also:”Justice, Peace, Freedom, Democracy and Success for All”
AnthemSama ku waar
Capital Hargeisa
9°33′N 44°03′E / 9.55°N 44.05°E / 9.55; 44.05
Official language(s) Somali, Arabic, English[1]
Government Constitutional presidential republic
 –  President Ahmed M. Mahamoud Silanyo
 –  Vice-President Abdirahman Saylici
Independence from the United Kingdom & Somalia 
 –  Establishment 1884 
 –  Independence 26 June 1960 
 –  Union with Italian Somaliland as Somalia 1 July 1960 
 –  Withdrawal from Somalia 18 May 1991 
 –  Total 137,600 km2 
sq mi 
 –  2008 estimate 3,500,000 
 –  Density 25/km2 
51/sq mi
Currency Somaliland shilling1 (SLSH)
Time zone EAT (UTC+3)
 –  Summer (DST) not observed (UTC+3)
Date formats d/m/yy (AD)
Drives on the right
Internet TLD none
Calling code 252
1. Currency only valid for regional purposes.
Rankings may not be available because of its unrecognised de facto state.

Mo may well be asking himself why this outpost of  democracy and peace in the region remains unrecognised by the international community, including Britain. You can find out more and join the campaign for recognition of Somaliland here.


  1. Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said,

    I’m all for Somaliland.

  2. Ismail nassir said,

    I am happy that Mo Farah backs my home country Somaliland and his adoptive country Great Britain. Well done to both Mo and Chris Tompson. Thank you Shiraz and Daniel Hoffmann for supporting Somaliland.

  3. Ismail nassir said,

    Watch this video: Mo Farah is flying British and Somaliland flags. “Samu kuwaar” “God saves the Queen”

  4. Ismail nassir said,

    Mo Farah with Union and Somaliland flags:

  5. Steve. A.K.A. Terry Fuckwit said,

    Yeah, well done to MO. I am sure the Queen will be proud of you. Next stop Downing street and tea with the Camerons.

    For some balance on the Somali issue, see the following article,

    • Kuching Hitam said,

      @ Terry Fuckwit of the BNP

      What a nasty, vile, patronising shit you are to sneer at someone who does not have English as their first language. I would suggest you try expressing yourself in Somali or Arabic to see how you get on, however other cultures lack the arrogance and piggish intolerance of the monoglottic English speaker.

      • Kuching Hitam said,

        … and would never behave as vilely and churlishlt towards you.

    • Will said,

      See? I told youse lot before that Terry Steve Fuckwit was a reet cunT. proven beyond doubt now.

  6. Steve. A.K.A. Terry Fuckwit said,

    Here is a quote from the fabulous RCG,

    “By the second week the poor nations hadn’t bowed down before the imperialist agenda, so off to Copenhagen went Gordon Brown, two days earlier than planned, to shore up the imperialist offensive. He met with Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi. Zenawi had sent Ethiopian troops to invade Somalia on behalf of the US. Now he would help in the climate war against the poor. Zenawi proposed to the conference that the developing countries accept $10bn a year to cope with climate change from 2010-2012. This led critics from Africa to say:”

  7. charliethechulo said,

    Is that a (sick) joke? Socialist Resistance are caricature wadicals. I expect you (like SR) also support those great anti-imperialists, the Taliban, eh?
    Or is this the work of Will Rubbish?

  8. Will said,

    Not my werK chArlie — I am too busy attending to the medical needs of Egg In A Bun Mutherfluckker eGGY Weggy dipshit.

  9. jama said,

    I am proud to be a Somalilander….and I hope all of our ppl like MO Farah will back his original country the Republic of Somaliland to get international recognizion.

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