Kaufman on the Graun on the budget

June 25, 2010 at 5:55 pm (Champagne Charlie, Guardian, Lib Dems, Tory scum, truth)

From today’s Graun:

• Re your leader, Seumas Milne’s article and all your other moans about the budget (24 June): you wanted this government. You’ve got it. Stop whining.

Gerald Kaufman MP

Lab, Manchester Gorton

(NB: Mr Kaufman isn’t a favourite of us Shirazers – but  on this occasion he’s sure hit the nail on the head).


  1. Arthur Seaton said,

    Quite right, pithy and correct. Although he’s done it twice now, which does lessen the impact. Don’t try it a third time Gerald.

  2. WOOT said,

    To be fair, Milne called for, and always has called for, a Labour vote.

  3. resistor said,

    ‘Mr Kaufman isn’t a favourite of us Shirazers’

    Is it because he’s Jewish?

  4. charliethechulo said,

    No: only you’re obessed with that particular consideration, resister.

  5. resistor said,

    Only kidding, however the AWL believes he should go and live in Israel.

    You don’t like Kaufman because he’s prepared to support action on behalf of Palestinians.


    The case for sanctions against Israel
    What worked with apartheid can bring peace to the Middle East

    Gerald Kaufman, The Guardian, Monday 12 July 2004

    ‘Economic sanctions and an arms ban against Israel are the only way of breaking the impasse. Such a policy brought down apartheid in South Africa.’

  6. maxdunbar said,

    I used to live in Kaufman’s constituency. That’s a fantastic letter.

  7. maxdunbar said,


    People can be right on some things, and wrong on others.

    Confusing, isn’t it?

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