Labour leadership: socialism not on offer

June 9, 2010 at 8:25 pm (Champagne Charlie, labour party, multiculturalism, wankers)

As a  “nutty”-sectarian supporter of John McDonnell, I’m naturally disappointed that he’s not obtained sufficient nominations to stand for the Labour leadership and has withdrawn. Tactically, he may have been  right to stand down in favour of Diane Abbott. Clearly, the New Labour establishment decided it would be bad PR to exclude her from the ballot. But it will still take a great deal to persuade me that socialists should give this shyster, liar and professional “diversity person” Abbott any support.

Certainly not on this pathetic basis (which I’m not suggesting Abbott solicited) :

“The black MPs have got to learn how to play big people’s politics. You get no respect from white folk by being disunited. If the black MPs had all nominated Diane, no matter what their misgivings about her, they would have presented themselves as a powerful bloc to be reckoned with. As Lammy pointed out, who they voted for thereafter would have been less important than the symbolic and historic act of supporting a black sister for Labour’s top job.

Marc Wadsworth”

Good grief! We’re still into identity politics, and that twat Wadsworth still dares open his mouth/ to put pen to paper. I’m just amazed that he writes about the “white folk”, and not “The Man”… No wonder the “left” is getting nowhere on race issues, if this ridiculous sloganising and posturing from discredited, sell-out poseurs is the best that we can do… Back to class, comrades! And stop insulting/patronising black socialist women who are coming up in our movement, and who regard people like you, Wadsworth, and Diane Abbott, as embarrassing buffoons, careerists and throw-backs. You and your pseudo-wadical posturing are just embarrassing in the eyes of able young black activists, who want to fight on a class basis.


  1. Will said,

    shud have mentioned JewS or Zionazis in this post. wooD have got loads of comment shite by now if so. because that is the whole point of bloggox shite. to ‘GET’ comments.

  2. maxdunbar said,

    The Abbott thing stinks of a deal to me – the leadership don’t want to be seen to be fielding three white, 40ish Oxford graduates. Patronising to her and to everyone else

  3. shug said,

    Its rebuild time,give the punters a inclusion of their race,we might get some lift from that.
    Shameful, that a would be Labour Party ,should stoop so low, yet understandable as the Labour Party,and its elected officials have been corrupted by the bobbles of success,forsaking its root of knowing and birth, the working class,no matter its ethinicity.

    Has the socialist concept of socialism come down to colour,for the gain of power.

  4. egg on your face said,

    “As a “nutty”-sectarian supporter of John McDonnall”

    So nutty-sectarian and ardent that you can’t even spell his name! Fucking poseur!

    Wanker! Fuckbrain!

  5. charliethechulo said,

    Eggy: spelling now corrected. Thank you for pointing out that I am, indeed, a fuckbrain.

  6. Will said,

    told yOO. you need to mention JEWS and shit to get comments. That is all anyone CAREs AbooT.

  7. Steve said,

    “you need to mention JEWS and shit to get comments.”

    No just mass murder.

    Identity politics are still important, I remember reading that Marx voted and argued in favour of a womens section in the fisrt International.
    Though what Marx said is beside the point, identity politics are still an issue!

  8. Janine said,

    Steve, identity politics and self-organisation of oppressed groups are two very different things.

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