Coalition of the Damned

May 13, 2010 at 7:47 pm (Conseravative Party, David Cameron, Lib Dems, Max Dunbar, religion, religious right, Tory scum)

Comparing David Cameron to Disraeli, Peter Oborne declared that the new PM has ‘a chance to change Britain, to reshape the political landscape and to turn the Conservatives into the progressive party that New Labour never became.’ His article is indicative of the general impression that Cameron has in some way modernised the Tory Party. Even the perceptive Kammo agreed that ‘he’s completed the task of transforming modern Conservatism and of once again attaining office.’

The argument goes like this. The Conservatives lost two elections that they fought on Daily Mail headlines. Cameron realised this and, as leader, he has tried to reclaim the centre ground from Labour. The easy ride Cameron has had in the media has reinforced the impression that he has indeed made the Conservatives a moderate and reasonable political force. Labour’s cry of ‘same old Tories’ was dismissed as scaremongering from a government scrambling for a propaganda line. A closer examination proves that the image of a Conservative Party at ease with the twenty-first century is just that.

Last week I wrote about Philippa ‘Pray the Gay Away’ Stroud, rightly rejected by the voters of Sutton and Cheam. The blogs and social networking sites hummed with activity when the Observer made this revelation, but no other paper followed it. Twitterers demanded to know why the fact that a prominent Tory candidate tried to exorcise demons from addicts and gay people was met with silence yet when Gordon Brown made a minor gaffe in Rochdale the world seemed to go mad for a second. As Nick Cohen explained, a servile media didn’t want to offend the UK’s new boss.

Yet Stroud is just one visible signifier of the Conservative dark heart. Far from isolating extremists in the Tory Party, Cameron has surrounded himself with them. It’s common yet ignored knowledge that he left the EU’s moderate conservative group to ally with fringe nutters and SS fetishists. The Big Society policy was quickly exposed as the sinister Victorianism that it was. Less attention is paid to his friends in the UK’s Christian right.

Like Islamic Forum Europe, the Christian religious right in this country doesn’t run on its explicit beliefs – it knows voters would reject them. There’s a group called the Christian Legal Centre that generates coverage for high-profile victimology cases like the nurse who wasn’t allowed to wear a crucifix at work. It’s run by Andrea Minichiello Williams, who is also behind Christian Concern for Our Nation, an ally of Tory wingnut Nadine Dorries in her campaign to reduce abortion time limits. According to Sunny Hundal: ‘CCFON isn’t a normal Christian organisation. Williams believes that abortion should be illegal, homosexuality is sinful and the world is 4,000 years old.’

The chairman of the Alpha Course (like Cameron himself, it’s less liberal than it sounds) has given at least £50,000 to the party. Thirty-seven election candidates were members of the Conservative Christian Fellowship, set up by the hugely influential Tim Montgomerie of Conservative Home. The Christian Legal Centre even works with the Alliance Defence Fund, the US religious right group, which counts Eric Prince, theoconservative founder of mercenary army Blackwater, among its biggest donors. (The clippings on Blackwater don’t do it justice – you have to read Jeremy Scahill’s essential investigation.)

If religious extremism doesn’t particularly bother you, take a look at the political extremism of the Young Britons Foundation, which trains parliamentary activists and whose research director used to be Cameron’s chief of staff. The YBE advocates abolishing the NHS and sends its members to residential camps that include training in sub-machine guns and assault rifles. As Chris Huhne said (this was before the election): ‘The YBF’s tentacles reach deep into the shadow cabinet and show the influence of the extreme anti-NHS, pro-torture, neocon wing of the party.’

And this is the regime that Nick Clegg is propping up. Shameful.



  1. Mark Worgan said,

    An interesting piece, I must admit during the election campaign I was alarmed if not particularly surprised when hearing about the YBF and the Con Christians, though I’m surprised one as feted in Con circles as Tim Montgomerie is as deeply involved as you say. We tend to focus on the crusties when looking for Tory extremists but the new breed are of course more dangerous because they have political nous and ambition. Theirs is a long term project to influence the Tory Party and the country as a whole but I am pretty sure it won’t telegraph itself, all the more reason to be diligent and to read the detail of Conservative proposals when picking them apart. I am certain we shall see a regressive government which deliberately imparts its policies through the back door, the first example of this being the cut in income tax paid for no doubt by a VAT hike, and that’s before we even get to the red meat issues.

  2. maxdunbar said,

    We’re seeing the first signs with the ridiculous and unworkable migration cap now official policy.

  3. Guido Fawkes said,

    I don’t know, I sometimes speak to YBF groups and they seem to be mostly would be accountants and PR girls.

    The only torture they advocate is listening to Eric Pickles speeches.

    Still if it makes you feel happy to believe otherwise.

  4. BenSix said,

    The only torture they advocate is listening to Eric Pickles speeches.


    Amnesty International once again show their true political colours in a campaign ad against the practice of waterboarding. This sanctimonious clique of naive peaceniks and leftist fellow travellers want us to fight the evil psychopaths who indiscriminately kill innocent men, women and children of all colours, creeds and religions with one arm tied behind our backs.


  5. Guido Fawkes said,

    That’s probably Donal winding you up.

  6. bensix said,

    Well, it’s quite in tune with his other, er – proclamations. And much as I’d love to believe that “Donal Blaney” is a wry satire, Chris Morris has been busy and Steve Coogan’s got too narrow a jaw.

  7. Will said,

    Stupid and pointless abuse which has been edited.

  8. maxdunbar said,


    I’m sure they are very nice young men and women.

    But the chief exec does advocate torture and banning the NHS.

    I don’t think these are great government policies.

  9. Sarah AB said,

    Thanks – interesting article. I quite agree that the conservatives haven’t made the transition from nasty to nice as thoroughly as they’d like to claim – but there are some indications that they do see the need to tread very carefully – the sidelining of Chris Grayling, for example.

  10. Brigada Flores Magon said,

    CCFON are woefully out in their estimation of the age of the earth. Archbishop Ussher reckoned the creation took place at nightfall before Sunday October 23rd, 4004 BC, making it now a couple of millennia more than 4000. If they’re going to be wingnuts they should at least be informed wingnuts….

  11. After the election: The Conservatives big liberal gamble « Slugger O'Toole said,

    […] public gap between the two main players. It will not be in the interests of either party to allow the kinds of gaps grow that may well have done for the UCU-NF experiment. Tags: election, GE2010, Parties Region: Britain, […]

  12. Rosie said,

    I always thought this kind of religious idiocy was something that the American republicans/conservatives did and the Tories weren’t as dotty, doing a little bit of genteel Church of England. What a disappointment! Ne4xt you’ll tell me they believe in Last Days and the Rapture.

  13. maxdunbar said,

    And you thought Palinism was an American phenomenon!

  14. Rosie said,

    I thought the right had handy depositories for total fruitbats in UKIP and the BNP.;

  15. Laban said,

    Re tha age of the earth : I think Sunny’s probably got confused between 4004 BC and 4,000 years old. An easy mistake to make if you’re an arts grad.

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