Arguments against voting Labour…

May 4, 2010 at 12:52 pm (elections, Green Party, Jim D, labour party)

Believe it or not, this is from an article arguing against voting Labour:

“I well understand the intellectual and tactical argument for supporting Labour as a means to aid revolutionary socialism (this has been put to me many times and at great length). But there is no large party in the current system which stands to the left of Labour. The Respect project was the closest alternative we’ve had for many years and we all know what happened there. Thus, it would appear that Labour, sadly, is the only tactical option for uniting the working class at large at the next general election.”

Couldn’t have put it better myself.

And believe it or not, this is from an  an article arguing in favour of a Green vote:

“Programmatically, the Green party is far superior to its mainstream rivals. But its record in office, and its nature as a party, is mixed. In Leeds its councillors sustained a Tory-Lib Dem coalition and gave no support to last year’s successful bin strike. On the London Assembly Jenny Jones has acted as an apologist for the Met. The party failed to take a leading role in the anti-war movement and seems to have little interest in mass campaigning of any kind. Many Green cadre are hostile to the left and the unions and wedded to their own form of middle class managerialism. I’ve seen Green party leaflets that in their soft soap and political evasiveness were indistinguishable from New Labour’s. For this I don’t need to turn to a minor party.” 

Indeed not, comrade: but like much of the petty bourgeois left, you’ve simply given up on the organised working class, haven’t you?


  1. Will said,

  2. Will said,

    Speaking of which…have you noticed that Voltaire’s Chrome Dome is being very quiet (has completely deserted the scene). He is, of course, just the type of fuckwit that you are going on about with your comment SP.

    And he has deserted his supposed friend and comrade stickking the knife in Jimbo’s back.

    Has packed in and gone back to Mekon I thinks – yes he is a left-o-labour twat – he would not be if Mandy offered him a safe seat mind or an IT job at HQ.

    I’m a left of labour twat too – there are lots of us about…however, you like me, are left of labour, whereas he, is a left-o-labour tosser, which is a shit fake thing like a fillet o fish which is NOT a properer sandwich.

    Just saying like.

  3. shug said,

    Socialism may benefit from a liberal democratic power,we will then be battlin for change from this feudal electrol that has done nothing but bled and abused.All is not lost.Socialism for all and ever.

  4. resistor said,

    Best argument for not voting for Roger Godsiff? Salma Yaqoob!

  5. Jim Denham said,

    Sorry to disappoint you, Will, but Volty is on a sabbatical and has vowed to return in the not-too-distant future.

  6. No to Bullingdon Frat Scum! said,

    Chairman Brown reaches out to the masses:

    Working class heros:

    Legacy of the tory vermin:

  7. Will said,


  8. Will said,

    PS. anyone who can translate woT Shug Said above into the english lingo can have a custard cream biccie from me.

    Is every fuckker mental these days?

  9. C Hardy said,

    For my own curiousity, what would it take for you lot to stop voting Labour? I would’ve hoped that, say, Brown’s comments about the BA strike would have convinced you New Labour wants nothing to do with any sort of organized working class. But if the last 20+ years didn’t make you give up on Labour, I guess nothing will.

  10. Peter said,

    Is every fuckker mental these days?


  11. Ian Burtis said,

    “what would it take for you lot to stop voting Labour?”

    A viable alternative, for starters. I don’t see any of those around.

  12. Jim Denham said,

    I read (in the Graun and at Lenin’s Tomb) about Brown’s extraordinary performance at the London Citizen’s event. But thanks, Will for drawing my attention to the Youtube clip. You’ll see I’ve used in in a posting tonight. Hat-tip!

  13. shug said,

    Will,if you thought that Labour was going to win this election,you can pick my lotto numbers for the next draw.Its Tory all the way.What i was saying that if a coalition is the outcome,and that would be Labour Lib/Dems,the Li/Dems would have as non negotialbe electrol reform P.R.

    As all past election in this feudal structure, there have always been two elections going on, the main players for power, the minorities for hope.

    Mind you if you can trust any of them, thats also another lotto bet.

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