Cameron’s triumph

April 22, 2010 at 9:54 pm (Conseravative Party, David Cameron, elections, Jim D, media, Tory scum)

I’ve just learned that I can get Sky News on my TV. Other than that, I didn’t learn anything much from watching tonight’s Round 2 of the Great Debate. The first one was of interest because it was – well – the first one. And it set in motion the strange and (to me, inexplicable)  phenomenon of Cleggmania. The pundits and the opinion polls are saying that Cameron won this one on points and Brown did better than last week. Clegg, we’re told, held his own. Oh yes: Brown told an elderly woman that she was, indeed… a woman. Beyond that, I really cannot summon up the will or energy to make any further comment. So here’s tonight’s “winner”, courtesy some wag on Youtube, via the Stroppy One:

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