Derek Simpson and Playskool

April 20, 2010 at 11:39 pm (Champagne Charlie, sex workers, twat, unions)


Derek doesn’t only support (entirely legal) British birds…he’s an internationalist!

Shiraz Socialist is considering starting a review section, evaluating bars all over the world. We would welcome guest reviewers.

We’re particularly interested in a Bangkok bar called “Playskool” and wonder if a prominent British trade union leader – say, I dunno,  Derek Simpson – would like to write a review of that particular establishment for us?


A former Shell tanker driver and member of the Transport & General Workers’ Union,  now part of Unite, said: ‘I could not believe my eyes. There, right in front of me, was Derek Simpson. 

‘Unfortunately, I could not keep my mouth shut and shouted to my wife, “There’s Derek Simpson!” Simpson looked me straight in the eye and turned and went purposefully into a bar called Playskool.’ 

Mr Simons added: ‘I would never mistake Derek Simpson. My wife and I have only recently watched him being interviewed on BBC Question Time with David Dimbleby.’ 

Lee Simons, who followed Mr Simpson into the bar, said: ‘When I went in, Derek was sitting there. He stared at me straight away. I ordered a drink, looked up at the dancers in bikinis, and then looked around, and Derek was gone.’ 

(NB:  The above is adapted from an article in the Tory Mail on Sunday on 28 March: Simpson has not sued or responded in any way).



  1. shug said,

    Just a workin lad,lettin his hair down.

  2. Harry Barracuda said,

    On 100,000 pounds+ a year? Yeah, right.

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