Blairite scum for sale

March 22, 2010 at 3:09 pm (Champagne Charlie, labour party, parasites, Tony Blair, wankers)

Stephen Byers: “I’m a bit like a sort of cab for hire…usually between £3,000 and £5,000 per day”

Patricia Hewitt: (for £,300 per day, she can help) “a client who needs a particulat regulation removed, then we can often package that up.”

Geoff Hoon (for £3,000 per day) “looking forward to… something that, frankly, makes money.”

Not just craven, shameless, greedy wretches and human detritus, but stupid too. Even Tory Julie Kirkbride saw through the Sunday Times / Channel 4 trap and pulled out of her appointment, warning the Tory whips of what was happening. These miserable New Labour reptiles, in their averice and arrogance, didn’t even see the set-up and fell straight in.

It’s hard enough to muster any enthusiam for a Labour vote at the election, without these loathsome scumbags dragging the Party’s name even further into the mire.

Words fucking fail me. Will Rubbish: where are you now that we need you?


  1. resistor said,

    Byers has fallen into the easy trap of confusing a cab with a prostitute.

  2. Stroppybird said,

    Thats insulting to prostitutes, to be compared to Byers !

  3. resistor said,

    I apologise to all sex workers for insulting their honourable, and old, profession.

  4. Rosie said,

    The fictitious company in the scam was Anderson Perry Associates. Someone’s idea of a joke?

  5. maxdunbar said,

    Yep. David Aaronovitch made this point. Surprising no one picked up on it.

    More surprising still is that none of the MPs thought to check this company out even to the extent of a quick search on Companies House.

    If this had been a real consultancy they would have faced a panel of business types asking hard questions rather than a giggly twenty-year-old woman who said things like ‘Wow, you know Peter Mandelson!’

    It’s not even an original sting – remember Palast/Draper in the 1990s?

    I mean, how stupid can you get?

  6. resistor said,

    This organisation needs a new Chair of their policy council.

    Perhaps Jim or Max could apply.

  7. Andrew Coates said,

    There’s another massive scam that Brown and Bl;air will bequeath:


    Details of some pilots are just coming out:

    Suffolk County Council is participating.

    Cuts in public spending? No problem. We’ll just get people to do public servcies for their dole.

  8. resistor said,

    Remember James Purnell, another leading light in LFI, proposing to use lie-detectors on benefit claimants?

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