Women’s Day and symbolism: a South Asian view

March 8, 2010 at 10:26 am (Feminism, Human rights, india, Jackie Mcdonough, liberation, secularism, women)

International Women’s Day – from a South Asian perspective (h/t: the excellent ‘Butterflies and Wheels’ blog):

“The women’s movement, like other movements of marginalised groups, began by identifying, voicing and attempting to overthrow oppression. While loosening the constraints of binary thinking (men-women, heterosexual-homosexual and so forth) is undoubtedly a necessity today, it is still meaningful to talk in terms of specific identities and the specific issues that they face. Indeed, feminism has a particularly compelling lens through which to understand marginalisation, with women having long occupied the margins. It has only been possible to access rights, benefits and privileges by crossing the invisible but powerful border on the margins of existence and demanding to be centre-stage. Just as American feminist writer and poet bell hooks asserts the transformative power of marginality – rendering as it does, the capability of looking both out and in – symbolism can be as transformative, fuelling the power to dream.”

Complete article here.

Meanwhile Stroppy and Janine take up the cudgels for feminism and secularism against an idiot (called, inevitably “anon”)…why not join in?


  1. Stroppybird said,

    Yep, anon is almost making Paddy seem reasonable !

  2. maxdunbar said,

    And Lindsey German has written a feminist manifesto, that has not a fucking word to say about the oppression of women in the theocratic/developing world!


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