Holocaust Memorial Day: Primo Levi speaks from the grave

January 24, 2010 at 1:51 am (anti-semitism, Christianity, history, Jim D)

Silence slowly prevails and then, from my bunk on the top row, I see and  hear old Kuhn praying aloud, with his beret on his head, swaying backwards and forwards violently. Kuhn is thanking God because he has not been chosen.

“Khun is out of his senses. Does he not see Beppo the Greek in the bunk next to him, Beppo who is twenty years old and is going to the gas-chamber the day after tomorrow and knows it and lies there looking fixedly at the light without saying anything and without even thinking anymore? Can Kuhn fail to realise that next time it will be his turn? Does Kuhn not understand that what has happened today is an abomination, which no propitiatory prayer, no pardon, no expiation by the guilty, which nothing at all in the power of man can ever clean again?

“If I was God, I would spit at Kuhn’s prayer.”

– From Primo Levi: If This Is A Man (1959)

…And on Holocaust Day,, I note that Christian anti-semitism is still alive and well. Message to the Rev Stephen Sizer; you are a vile little anti-semite and if you want to call the cops on me, Jim Denham, for saying that, so be it. I’ll be glad to meet you in court and call you and your version of the Anglican Church  for what you are. Go for it, you miserable, dog-collared anti-semite!


  1. We wish to show our solidarity with Seismic Shock who has been the victim of intimidation for shining a spotlight on the anti-Zionist theology of Reverend Stephen Sizer. | eChurch Christian Blog said,

    […] Shiraz Socialist – Holocaust Memorial Day: Primo Levi speaks from the grave […]

  2. Red Maria said,

    Is Sizer an Anglican? If he is, the blogger could complain to his bishop.

  3. Red Maria said,

    Yes he is an Anglican, it turns out. Wonder which diocese he’s in.

  4. Plod and Blogs « Shiraz Socialist said,

    […] Speech, Rosie B, blogging, bloggocks, blogosphere, censorship, crap) Further to Jim’s piece below, Seismic’s story got me into a fury. At 10am on Sunday 29th November 2009, I received a visit […]

  5. Voltaire's Priest said,

    I don’t know whether I’d say Sizer was personally anti-semitic. However he’s certainly a fool and a bully if he thinks this is the way to convince anyone to the contrary.

  6. Rosie said,

    Volty – exactly. You’ve said in 30 words what I said at ten times as many.

  7. Stephen Sizer, The Police And The Barbra Streisand Effect « ModernityBlog said,

    […] 2: Shiraz Socialist is as subtle as ever, Simply Jews puts it as We are all Seismic Shock or Rev. Sizer and Big Brother, Zionism Israel see […]

  8. entdinglichung said,

    in an interview in the early 1980ies, Levi made the remark, that “God is not because Auschwitz was”

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