Final Communication from the CEO for 2009

December 25, 2009 at 11:49 am (plutocrats)

Well, we have to admit it guys, this hasn’t been one of our great years.  The Elders and I know that most of you have made every effort to stretch the power of the Entity, but there have been set backs.  For instance, there is wild talk about controlling banking excesses.  It may just be talk, but it’s making us uneasy.  And what was that Copenhagen crap about?  We shafted it as best we could but the ugly monster of environmental responsibility is rearing its green head again.

Though we have firm footholds in most global organisations and our shills and stooges are in the highest places (as well as the lowest), there are complete blog  sites  which are holding out against our penetration.  Next year we expect that every one of you puppets will make inroads into those few remaining areas of defiance.

We are forced to give you today off but you’d better be back by tomorrow to take your part in the global domination of all finance and media.

Remember, in the words of that traditional Christmas song:-

The future’s ours,
We’ve only just begun

I’d write more but a rare reindeer – last of its kind I believe – is being roasted for me and the rest of the Elders.  

Happy Christmas, everyone.

Best wishes

Nathan Rothschild

Update:- Denham, Dunbar, Priest, Rosie B. –  that laughable request for a bonus or even a Boxing Day tip was evidently some joke you found in a cracker, and has gone the way of all post-Christmas debris


  1. voltairespriest said,

    Is that John Prescott sat on the front left, Rothschild?

  2. Jim Denham said,

    You lot can still spoil Christmas, like you’ve been doing for 2,000 years, though can’t you? A good Christian “socialist” explains:

    Thank God that Christians have taught Muslims all about anti-semitism over the years.

  3. johng said,

    Jim can I ask you? Where does your bitter hatred of the Palestinian people come from? Its actually quite frightening.

  4. voltairespriest said,

    Umm… he doesn’t have a “bitter hatred of the Palestinian people”. Apart from that JG, you’re as incisive as ever, this festive season.

    Mind you, JG’s actually quite good fun at this time of year. Bit like a pantomime dame – no blog would be complete without him, and you already know all of his lines in advance so you can chant along with him.

  5. Jim Denham said,

    John Game: where does your utter ignorance and stupidity come from? Were you born ignorant and stupid, or were you trained in it by the SWP?

    Btw: I support the right of the Palestinian people to a viable state of their own, alongside Israel: do you?

  6. maxdunbar said,

    Won’t it really blow our cover if Nathan starts putting his name to the posts?

  7. Ben Green said,

    John can I ask you? Where does your bitter hatred of the Jewish people come from? Its actually quite frightening.

  8. Ben Green said,

    John – What do you think would have happened to the Jews in 1948 in Palestine if they had lost ?

  9. Voltaire's Priest said,

    Fucking pay up, Rothschild. Aside from anything else, Dunbar costs us a fucking fortune in hotel bills, money that Denham and I would far rather spend on beer.

  10. Baron R. said,

    Look Voltaire’s Priest , Sean noticed the latest bank statement and was unhappy that we are paying you because he thought he had the sole franchise. He said that was the deal when he was first recruited in the Cheetham YCL.

  11. voltairespriest said,

    So? It’s time the old duffer shuffled off into retirement anyway. Have you heard him speak to a meeting lately?

  12. SWP member said,

    Anyway everybody knows that VP really stands for Vashti Pesach

  13. Baron R. said,

    I have heard him speak recently and thought he was quite good (we like to keep an eye on our investments). We’ve told him to be a little bit more critical of israel but he can’t keep it up for the whole meeting. Infact even a Jew would feel comfortable at an AWL meeting !

  14. maxdunbar said,

    When are we going to officially change the name to ‘Shiraz Zionist’?

  15. voltairespriest said,

    Next Hanukkah. Hopefully.

  16. Voltaire's Priest said,

    Rothschild – offer Andy Newman a Parliamentary seat, and Richard Seymour his own kids’ TV show. I’m not saying it’ll work but it’s worth a try.

    Now where’s my fucking Christmas bonus? It’s my round and Denham’s refusing to sub me any more cash.

  17. Baron R said,

    VP – Newman is our strongest asset. A deluded “alter kaka” who lives in his own little world with his Islamist mates. He provides us with some good opportunities. He has the trust of his Islamist mates and they even think that they control him. It’s like watching a dog run when thrown a biscuit.

    We are though trying to find out a way of using him in the real world and outside his little bunch of cronies. We might bring out a game for next Xmas based on Newman , Socialist Unity and Respect – some kind of anti-imperialist version of Dungeaoins and Dragons.

    Stick to the Kiddush wine Vashti !

  18. Baron R said,

    BTW – John G is good value for us – we love the way he plays the “neb” factor. See the yiddish word “nebuch” for what we mean. Though we do wish he’d finish his PHD because he’s been doing it for so long it’s no longer tax deductable.

    We’ve promised him a villa in Netanya if he carries on making a fool of himself.

  19. Nathan Rothschild said,

    I go off for some well-earned recreation involving two new nubiles, rhinoceros horn and other powdered substances and on my return find anarchy has broken out.

    Priest – your plea for recompense for Dunbar’s hotel would touch my heart and wallet if I didn’t know that this “hotel” was a folding out sofa in your flat among the beer cans. It’s you who should be going for the Westminster seat, since you’ve mastered the fraudulent expenses shtick. You’ll be asking the tax payer to bail you out for your plasma screen telly next. And here’s a New Year’s resolution for you – I don’t insist on my proper title, or one of them, but a “Mr” wouldn’t go amiss. You might be able to keep it better than your usual one to stay half sober at least one day a week.

    Baron R – what are you doing here, Uncle? Those managers of the care home are supposed to be keeping an eye on you. Did Aunt Esther smuggle you in a key baked in a bagel again?

  20. Rosie said,

    Volty – couldn’t you manage a bit of respect for Mr Rothschild? I treat my day job employers respectfully and they’ve been handing me out bottles of wine and whisky to mark the festive period.

  21. voltairespriest said,

    Rothschild – don’t lord it over me, shitbird. I’ve already had the Saudis on the phone: you’re not the only wealthy backer on the block, you know.

    Rosie, apologies for the language but sometimes you have to play hardball with these elites.

  22. Rosie said,

    The Saudis!! Please scrub that last whisky and wine comment of mine. And would they allow women to appear immodestly on comments threads? Should I change my name to Bruce? Or would I be allowed to use my keyboard in public if I wear thick black gloves?

  23. voltairespriest said,

    Oh, they’re fine – it’s strictly business. So come on Rothschild: cheque please!

  24. Rosie said,

    Mr Rothschild, Sir, Mr V. Priest will do anything, and I do mean anything for the price of a kebab and a can of lager.

  25. Attack of the Cheshire Zionists « Max Dunbar said,

    […] children that was disrupted by pro-Israeli protestors, no doubt under the instruction of my old pal Nathan Rothschild. Here’s the story: ‘Loss of Innocence’, which was officially unveiled at Marple Methodist […]

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