Oral asshole: where’s Hitchens when we need him?

December 19, 2009 at 3:32 pm (Champagne Charlie, Christianity, religious right, secularism, United States, wild man)

“At the age of 29, he was a struggling part-time preacher with church pastorates in Oklahoma, and his college studies had not brought him a degree. He told the story of how he picked up his bible and it fell open at the Third Epistle of John. His eye caught verse two, which read: ‘I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth.’

“He had not heard this verse before and neither had his schoolteacher wife Evelyn, though both were the offspring of preachers. Roberts decided immediately that it was all right to be rich. The next day he bought a Buick and God appeared, he said, telling him to heal people.” (from the Graun‘s obituary)

One of those right wing US religious crooks, the amusingly-named Oral Roberts, died a week or so ago. One of his best scams was to tell viewers of his TV channel that God would kill him unless they sent him 8 million dollars…and it worked! However, even the $8 million couldn’t buy this right wing con- man immortality. Pity there’s no hell for him to go to.

Which reminds me: Christopher Hitchens’ finest moment was his relaxed and well-oiled performance on the Fox Channel  immediately after the death of another US evangelical asshole, Jerry Falwell. I particularly like Hitch’s closing comment: “If he’d been given an enema, they could have buried him in a matchbox.” No doubt Seymour and Gameboy would agree with the interviewer who objects that it’s in bad taste and insensitive  towards the family to speak ill of the deceased so soon after his passing:


To the best of my knowledge Hitchens has yet to comment on ol’ Oral: but I wish he would.


  1. dear koba said,

    Brilliant! You manage to turn something we can agree on into an attack on the SWP:

    or do I mean:
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mPCHS7hxn4Y ?

  2. skidmarx said,

    Sorry that’s me posting.

  3. Jim Denham said,

    The following was actually one of the more reasoned comments from Swuppies that I recieved after commeting on the death of Chris Harman:

    neprimerimye said,
    November 8, 2009 at 12:01 am · Edit

    Harman died very suddenly and throughout his life attempted to contribute towards the overthrow of the boss class. There is no doubt that he would expect to find his work criticised in death as it was in life by the poison that is misnamed AWL. But given the sudden nature of his death one might hope that even a fool like Jimmy Denham might have enough taste to wait 24 hours.

    But no the little drummer boy has to get his bitching in first. And as ever gets basic facts wrong, albeit he had to leave the politics to the cult meister himself. No Jim Harman was not the last person left with a personal knowledge of he SRG. I could list several comrades at this point but I suspect that I only really need to name Chanie Rosenberg to expose Jims silliness.

    As for betraying the IS tradition, a tradition that Jim has always been hostile towards I note, this accusation is simply bitterness coming from a member of a group that was once the foremost advocate of ‘Cannonism’ in these here isles and is now the foremost advocate of ‘Shachtmanism’. Or at least of John O’Mahoneys versions of these two very different, but oddly similar, versions of post-Trotsky ‘Trotskyism’.

    From its start I publically opposed the adventure into populism that was Respect and have applauded the politial demise of John Rees and his allies. I need then no lessons from Sean Matgamna whose only principle is to ask what his ‘rivals’ do in order that he can adopt a position to their contrary in the hope that it will win him an audience.

    Enough! Fuck off and say Kaddish Denham.

  4. maxdunbar said,

    There is another great Hitchens clip where he says that Falwell ‘should have been on the streets, shouting and hollering with a cardboard sign, selling pencils from a cup.’

  5. resistor said,

    Luckily we don’t have to wait for ‘failed Dixieland jazz drummer’ Jim Denham to drink himself to death. We can call him a racist and a bigot right now!

  6. Jenny said,

    Eh, Hitchens makes me want to kick him in the face, howsabout we hire Jello Biafra?

  7. Voltaire's Priest said,

    Neprimerimye isn’t a Swupper.

  8. frunobulax said,

    Check out “Religions, Inc.” by Lenny Bruce (if you can find a copy). Lenny riffs on a conversation between Billy Graham, Oral Roberts and the Pope.

  9. samuel welsh said,

    hes a p@eice of living shit

  10. samuel welsh said,

    stupid posh asshole should gag him and shot him to hell

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