Ideas for Freedom winter school

November 25, 2009 at 9:53 pm (Jim D, Marxism, socialism, trotskyism)

Although this is not an AWL blog, it’s no secret that I’m a member and Volty is a sympathiser. We’ll be at Birbeck College, London, this weekend (28-29 November) for the Alliance for Workers’ Liberty’s Ideas for Freedom winter school exploring ways to rearm the labour movement. Some friends, comrades and sparring-partners like Stroppy and Dave are also threatening to turn up.

Here’s the programme.

Unlike many other weekend gatherings of the left this month and next, this event will be about serious debate. It aims to be a focal point from which thought-through, collectively-understood ideas and strategies can be developed. But, hopefully, we’ll also have some fun and perhaps even a drink or two.

Tickets are cheaper if booked in advance.


  1. shug said,

    Checked out your programme .Without being to critical and im prepared not to be aired, your (How can the left move forward)is the most important card in the pack.However if you are going to smother the workers in the machinations of Marks/Engels you will be pissin the wind,the working people want no concern of that.What they want is beef in their working lunch rather than spam,and yes there is debate and philosophy about the structure and belief system that controls that ,but unfortunatly yer worker dont give a toss about Marks/Engels beliefs in the constraints of capitalism on their well being.

    My self personally, unity is the strength of the factory floor, and should be for those purporting to better those whom they speak for.So enjoy your gathering and i hope that a proposal for the forward left is the outcome,and that should be on a united front,not a separatist one.Good luck, a comrade.

  2. Darren said,

    No report from Ideas for Freedom?

    Is Volty still a sympathiser? I thought he’d be a shoe-in for Broder’s Commune project. I know nothing.

  3. voltairespriest said,

    I was gonna be your 50%+1 that means we have socialism, Darren, but I’m still waiting for someone to close the deal…

  4. Darren said,

    That’s OK, Volty.

    Stick with being the water carrier for the vanguardists and you can be their 3%+1 when they storm the crystal palace. 😉

    About that report back from the “Ideas for Freedom’ . . . . Anyone?

  5. voltairespriest said,

    Naah I’m still tempted to join the seething mass of humanity that is the SPGB, and help them storm the local pub on pensioners’ special lunch day! 😉

    Dunno about Ideas For Freedom, I wasn’t there. Jim was, maybe he can tell you.

  6. Darren said,

    Pensioners have special lunch days? I’ll have to tell the comrades back at shady pines.

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