The GDR and “good hearty fare”

November 6, 2009 at 11:05 pm (Europe, history, Human rights, Jim D, revolution, stalinism, twat)

As freedom-loving people get ready to celebrate the breaching of the Berlin wall and the overthrow of the anti-working class police state that was the German Democratic Republic, a weird red-brown anti-immigration campaigner and Milosevic lover (well described here) , Neil Clark, laments the fall of the wall and the loss of the wholesome cuisine that went with it:

“Instead of Western fast-food chains serving unhealthy junk food, the GDR, in common with other socialist countries, was full of publicly owned self-service restaurants where ordinary people could eat good hearty fare at affordable prices in a communal atmosphere.”

It would be laughable, but for the fact that Clark is a seriously nasty piece of work (his vilest excreta to date being this), and that his garbage is published in the Morning Star – still widely read on the British left and trade union movement. The political illiterate and moral degenerate Clark serves to remind us that despite the cleansing effects of the revolutions of 1989, sections of the “left” remain Augean stables.


  1. Jenny marbles said,

    Anyone looking looking for a ‘chemical free’ bad trip need look no further than the latest from Andy Newman on Socialist Unity. Yes, you guessed it. Another interminable, GDR retrospective, with a few stock criticisms to lighten the otherwise unpalatable mixture of adulation, bald assertion and subcritical thinking.

  2. Exile said,

    Just out of curiosity, how is the campaign to save the arse-lickin’ scabs coming along?

    Neil, for all his faults, tries to find ways to undermine capitalism. Unlike you who grovel to it.

    I should not be surprised. The deal used to be that whenever a CP member was unhappy about something then the Industrial Society would try to get him to join a Trot grouplet., and thus to burn himself out very quickly. They had you lot well sussed, didn’t they?

  3. Jim Denham said,

    “Unlike you who grovel to it”…
    It’s you, you fascist “Exile” who is the groveller. We serious revolutionaries have got you red/brown scum sussed. And we will deal with you. Have no doubt about that, scum.

  4. Exile said,

    The only thing that you are serious about is the relationship that you have with Mrs Hand and her five daughters. Everything else is just a pose.

  5. Exile said,


    Over at both Dave’s Part and Lenin’s Tomb the commentators are either laughing at you or are disgusted by you. What’s it like uniting the left in that way?

    You still haven’t answered my question about the arse-lickers.

  6. Alec said,

    There’s not many folk I’d call a motherfucker but Neil Clark certainly is one.

    And Exile thinks it’s *bad* to be slagged over at the cuntathon that it the Tomb and at Pitiful Dave’s. If I were Jim and human garbage like Yoshie and southpawpunch (and indeed Exile himself) *weren’t* slagging me off I jump under the nearest fucking train.

  7. Will said,

    Exile is a dirty little fash and shood have his head exposed to breezeblock.

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