A Bonnie lass routs Griffin

October 22, 2009 at 11:44 pm (anti-fascism, censorship, fascism, Free Speech, Jim D, media, TV)

Like many of you, I’m sure, I’ve just been watching tonight’s Question Time aka ‘The Nick Griffin Show’. What follows are just some initial thoughts: feel free to add to them and/or tell me I’m talking rubbish.

Firstly, it wasn’t the disaster that I had feared. For all his much-vaunted media skills and “sophistication”, Griffin did not come over well. He looked nervous and sweaty, grinned inanely throughout and couldn’t answer simple questions about his own history of holocaust denial or his words to Klu Klux Klan boss David Duke.

I’d feared that Griffin was in a no-lose situation: if his appearance on the programme went ahead, the BNP would have achieved a major victory – an entry into the mainstream of British politics; if his invitation had been withdrawn he would once again portray himself and his fascist rabble as the persecuted victims of a fearful liberal “establishment”.

My fears deepened when I heard who the other panelists would be: Lib Dem posh-boy Chris Huhn, the unelected Tory Baroness Warsi (who is on record espousing views on gays that the BNP would agree with) and Jack Straw, a politician whose record (particularly with regard to appeasing clerical fascists like the Muslim Brotherhood) could have made him easy meat for a skilled white fascist debater.

Well, in the event Huhn, Wasi and Straw managed to give Griffin a hard time, though Huhn’s attempt to come over tough on immigration brought a snort of derision from Griffin, while Straw squirmed about denying that the rise of the BNP had anything to do with poverty and inequality under New Labour, and the Baroness looked distinctly uncomfortable as she endorsed civil partnerships.

But in the end, none of the politicians landed a knock-out punch. It was the wonderful Bonnie Greer, the culture and arts commentator, who finished him off, utilising a deadly combination of mockery, derision and denunciation. She sat next to Griffin and addressed him, smiling, as “Nick”: bloody hell, I thought: the stupid woman thinks she can win him over by being the only person on the panel to be nice to him! How wrong I was. I don’t know whether Ms Greer planned her strategy carefully in advance, or whether it just came naturally. But either way, it was devastating. She mocked his ignorance of history and the entire concept of a politics based upon the  ridiculous idea of “indigenous people”; she offered to lend him some books; she became indignant when he started talking about David Duke being from a “non-violent” branch of the KKK; finally she invoked her white in-laws as examples of the common sense of “ordinary British people” who would not be taken in by the BNP.

The argument about the rights and wrongs of giving Griffin this platform will -quite rightly- continue to rage. But thank gawd for Ms Greer who almost single-handedly ensured that Griffin’s potential triumph turned into a humiliation. I say almost single- handedly because the majority of the audience were bloody brilliant as well.

PS: In view of Griffin’s ‘Question Time’ denials of racism and anti-semitism, this is well worth a gander.


  1. Will said,


    Greer — yes the best of a bad bunch on the panel.

    The audience: as shite as they ever are — self selecting cretins one and all.

    The immugRunt debate section — wierd concessus shite — would like to get all stabby in the faces of all panel and all audience.

    fuck them all.

  2. Will said,

    PS. Across the political spectrum, everyone is claiming Winston Churchill as their own. Churchill sent the troops in to force the Welsh miners to submit in 1911.

    Nuff said.

    apart from he shood hVE BEEN ImpaLED on spikey things and left to fuckking rot and then eaten by pigs.

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  4. Cannibal Rabbi said,

    All British political parties are bought and paid for by BigJew money.Including the BNP.All packed to the gunnels with Jew placemen.This show was used as a stunt to draw attention away from the Goldstone Report and to wheel out the fat old whore with the threadbare drawers “THE HOLOCAUST”Racism?MMMM.That’sA tricky one.Hows about a White man rapes a Black woman.Obviously she never wants to see him again.He takes umbrage.It’s an insult to how he percieves himself.How dare this black bitch disrespect me,ME!He gets his white friend to throw acid in her face,destroying her looks and life.What a Racist Bastard.And you Know she’ll never trust somebody that colour again.Myself?I’m looking forward to Chrismas .Possibly another chance to see little boys and girls roasted and burned alive in the cause of Jewish sport and Lebensraum.Go Herod GO!

  5. Cannibal Rabbi said,

    I hope the postmen win .But without a clearout of Jews at the top of the Union Movement,i feel all Union members are on a hiding.They march to a different drum. the Goyim always flat footed,unsure or in total disbelief.Oh well.There goes the neighbourhood(Hood).

  6. Cannibal Rabbi said,

    Jack Straws old man hiding in jail whilst the flowers of the forest marched off to save his co religionists ungrateful arses?Very uncharacteristic An Abberation.I feel Jacks dad would have participated had the wermacht and waffen ss been under the age of 10 armed with rocks.Then he would have returned to his homeland a Hero reluctantly sharing his horrific tales of woe at every opportunity,to anyone who would listen.What a loss to the Holocaust Industry.Is that a violin i can hear?

  7. Rosie said,

    I suppose the Cannibal Rabbi is one of Griffin’s followers and upset that his Fuehrer was made to look like the complete tit that he is. Cannibal – Master Nick did tell you guys that you must keep the Jew hatred quiet at the moment, hm? Y’know, bank it down? Keep if for WHEN YOU GAIN POWER. But I guess you are wound up by Griffin being made to look like the shifty, sweaty, trembly, lying ignoramus that he is. His twitches and stupid grinning must have really got you going. And that old Jew hatred that he told you to keep under the bandage has been festering until you have to let it out in a stream of pus.

  8. Voltaire's Priest said,

    He’s fucking mad, that much is clear.

  9. Edward Ford said,

    Really, I thought’s Greer’s performance was dire. I agree with Andrew Coates:


    Edward Ford

  10. Canniball Rabbi said,

    Rosie. I am not and never have been a follower of any party,left or right.Jew hatred?all the demonstrations i have been to have been Left wing.But i am not blind, or deaf.All i have Written is FACT.maybe unpleasant ,sardonic,but ugly FACT.If you google Eddie O’sullivan SAlford BNP,Aphotograph of a fat Jew will appear.A senior member of an Anti semitic and Racist party?How can this be?Then googleFrank Collins,American Nazi Party. Voltaires preist,I am mad.Mad as Hell. It appears to me that Gilad Atzmon and Norman Finklestein apart ,the Jewish internal debate resembles a domestic dispute between Ian Brady and Myra Hindley.I don,’t hate Jews.I do however have contempt for their endless self delusion and lies and hysterical Psychopathic violence.

  11. Jim Denham said,

    “Canniball Rabbi” , with his classic fascist anti-semitism and praise for Atzmon and Finkelstein is a standing warning to sections of the “left” as to where their “anti-Zionism” can lead: SWP, Pabs and “Morning Star” take notice! His vile presence has, so far, served an educative purpose. But I think we’ll have to close him down now…

    Meanwhile, here’s a dissenting view about Griffin and the protests, from Vicki M:

    We all seem to be discussing Griffin on Facebook! Here is my assessment taken from something I wrote on there (it agrees with Sacha):
    Griffin didn’t land any punches? I thought he did: the war – big blow to Jack Straw; lots of people don’t like the sight of two men kissing – can’t be denied, you can argue why they need to get over it, but he’s right, lots of people don’t; most of the people in the UK are white – English, Welsh, Scottish, Irish and their forebears have ‘been here’ for many centuries, Griffin says thousands of years, which is where he starts to lose the plot, but the other panellists seened to be in denial about it; immigration, all the other parties competed to say that Nick was right, immigration should be controlled.

    And he mugged and smiled and only went into vicious ranting mode a couple of times, he played his cards close to his chest. People who might be wooed by him would probably have been wooed by him, I think. Perhaps I’m being too pessimistic.

    The fact that the establishment were ganged up against him looked bad. Embattled Nick, telling them a few uncomfortable truths, getting down with the black folk (Bonnie Greer), denying all the really nasty stuff, I think he had a pretty good night.
    I think there were about half a dozen of us at BBC television centre in White City. I got there fairly late, around 6.30-7 when there were a few hundred left and caught the end of the speeches (though didn’t really hear them). Someone from the UAF was saying something about how the liberal establishment would not save us from the fascists.

    Upbeat mood. Kieran Crowe from SWP said he’d been there all day, taken the day off work, but then he is very dedicated to this particular cause. I gather there were about 2,000 at the height of the protest. There were a few union banners but not many.

    Crowd was very mixed but quite studenty, fresh-faced. People were excited that some had gotten into the Centre earlier on.

    At 7.30-8ish, it was anticipated that Griffin would pose for pics in front of the TV centre (inside the gates, obviously!) and people threw some missiles over the fence to show that he would not be safe standing there. A plan was formulated (by who and how relayed, I don’t know – maybe Ed does as he was in on it) to march off to a side entrance where we thought Griffin would be taken out of the TV centre.

    Suddenly the whole protest about faced and hurried off to this place. It was quite an effective tactic. The police were left standing while the mass of protestors took off. We rushed (that’s the word) down some residential side streets alarming the residents, doubtless, and one poor terrified cat (I was nearly knocked over by its hurtling form, it was like a missile).

    We lost our way for a bit, but finally found the side road where the exit was that we expected Griffin to come out of. He didn’t though, went out somewhere else or had long gone. We were on the the main road and chanted a lot, a couple of flares were let off, there was a sort of ‘whose streets, our streets’ melee which interrupted the traffic but didn’t really stop it – it wasn’t clear that that was what was intended. In any case, word came now that Griffin had gone, we had no clear mission, I went home.

    On the way to this, I walked for a while with a panting Elane Heffernan who declared that this was all very good: the tactic, it seems, is to show that Griffin spells chaos. She was pleased that when the EDL were due to appear in central London recently, only 60 odd anti-EDL protestors managed to snarl up all the traffic in central London with the police closing roads etc in anticipation of there being more anti- protestors.

    It strikes me that this is a very dangerous strategy if that is what they are trying to do. We need two sets of tactics, confronting the fascists (and being very tough about it); patient explanation and politics for the general public, not disrupting their lives. I didn’t see much hostility against the breakaway march – which in general I think was a good thing – but this sort of thing has got to be done very carefully.

    We collected a small amount of money for the Eurostar cleaners’ strike in the short space of time that we had, and sold some of the new paper, but there was not much time for meaningful discussions with people.

    As you would expect, a few fascistoid scouts in and around the crowd.

  12. Cannibal Rabbi said,

    To Jim Denham.I’ve been called worse.You can march from now ’til Doomsday (which doesn’t help anything if you are essentially marching against a strawman.The BNP will never gain power.But if they did.So what.Another bunch of ambitious narcissists treating salt of the earth people,left and right like worthless trash.That’s a new one!Frank Collins ,leader of the American Nazi Party in the seventies was a Jew.The Canadian Jewish Congress funded the almost moribund Canadian Nazi party.Eddie O,sullivan of the BNP, like the ex Birmingham City director and Pornographer,David Sullivan is a Jew.They are sailing under false flags(names).Ireally couldnt care less about opinions.Facts,factsfacts.I want to know that the Opinion formers on the big questions of the day are free from bias and represent themselves accurately and dont have ulterior motives favouring an aggressive foreign power who are the incarnation of a shower of shit.

  13. Sarah said,

    @Jim – sometimes I half regret it when unpleasant comments are quickly deleted on CIF etc as they can, as you say, have an educative purpose. But I’m relieved you seem to be banning CR.

  14. Rosie said,

    What’s happened to the site layout? Or is it just my computer/eyes?

  15. BNP on Question Time: what would have been the point of banning Griffin? « Shiraz Socialist said,

    […] and generally looking like a man having a terrible time. Meanwhile, as Jim mentions in his previous post, the three mainstream politicians failed to land much of a punch on him, with particular dishonour […]

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