A fitting tribute to Anna Politkovskaya

October 8, 2009 at 8:31 pm (assassination, Free Speech, good people, Guardian, Human rights, Iran, Jackie Mcdonough, media, Russia, terror, women)

Just over three years ago the Russian investigative journalist Anna Politkovskaya was murdered – one of at least 17 journalists to have been murdered in the last decade under the regime of Putin and his sidekick Medvedev. In only one of these 17 cases have the killers been brought to justice, even though in many instances – especially those (like Anna’s) where there is a connection with Chechnya – the direct responsibility for the killing, below Putin and Medvedev, is an open secret.

Reach All Women in War has established the  Anna Politkovskaya Award to honour her memory by recognising women who stand up for human rights in war and conflict situations throughout the world. The first recipient of the award in 2007, Natalia Estemirova (another Russian journalist who covered Russia’s dirty war in Chechnya) was then herself murdered.

Now, Reach All Women in War have honoured the  One Million Signatures Campaign for Equality in Iran, the campaign  to change the filthy, misogynistic laws of Iran and to stop elementary, basic  discrimination against women in the so-called “Islamic Republic”. Courageous Iranian women have suffered vicious persecution and imprisonment because of their support for this campaign (see link above).

I can think of no better memorial to Anna Politkovskaya.

H/t: this letter to the Graun

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    […] Politics and morality: The IMG and the morality of the Brighton bombing. The new McCarthyism and the BNP. A fitting tribute to Anna Politkovskaya. […]

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