Stick the Sun where it won’t shine

September 30, 2009 at 8:19 pm (class, elections, Europe, Gordon Brown, Jim D, labour party, media, red-baiting, Tony Blair, Tory scum)

It’s the arrogance and pomposity of  Trevor Kavanagh and his sidekick George Pascoe -Watson, that enrages me: trying to make out that their scummy, smutty tabloid’s switch from Blairism to Cameronsim is something principled, and something that political people should take seriously.

Kavanagh, in particular, is a pompous, self-important twat who has just confirmed this commentator’s determination to vote Labour at the next general election.

The truth is that the Sun never did support Labour: it supported Blair, who grovelled to it by emphasising his hostility to unions, his anti-europeanism and anti-immigration credentials. Blair, of course, also tasked his ex-tabloid lackey and paid-for  professional liar Alistair Campbell with sucking up to the Murdoch (and Rothermere)  press in the 1990’s, culminating in his (Blair’s) demeaning visit to the Hayman Islands in 1995, to grovel before Murdoch.

There is, in fact next to no evidence that the press (and, in particular the tabloid press) influences election results: what does happen (despite Kavanagh’s delusions) is that Murdoch orders his craven editors to follow public opinion. Murdoch’s reputation as an “uncanny” predictor of election results rests simply upon his ability to read poll results and to instruct his editors accordingly.

The Labour leadership’s concern at the Scum‘s defection is truly pathetic, and a sign of a party in a state of desperation. Much better, the class-based distain and contempt of  Tony Woodley, whose genuine hatred stems from his Liverpudlian background and the Scum‘s filthy history of libelling the dead of  Hillborough. Brown would do well to take a leaf out of Woodley’s book.

The only down-side of Woodley’s otherwise excellent speech, was his reference to Murdoch not being British: “an Australian – American”, as though that matters. But, in fairness, Woodley is a product of the British nationalist trade union tradition. Opposition to the EU is another example of this. It doesn’t, however, detract from the truth of what Woodley has to say about the Scum.


  1. Rosie said,

    Yeah – which is more cringe-making – Blair sucking up to Murdoch or Brown sucking up to Obama? On the whole, sucking up to Murdoch is more revolting.

    I was glad to hear those Labour party people like Woodley & Harman telling the Sun what shit it is.

  2. Jeremy Stangroom said,

    I remember reading an amusing statistic about The Sun and its impact on its readers’ voting intentions in a book by Michael Moran ( if I remember correctly). There was some survey taken in the midst of the 1987 election campaign, during which The Sun had been absurdly pro-Thatcher, anti-Labour, etc (Kinnock in a dunces hat; Stalin saying he was going to vote Labour – contacted by a “medium”; etc), which showed that despite all the anti Labour Party propaganda nearly 30% of The Sun’s readers were under the impression that the newspaper was supporting the Labour Party.

  3. Matt said,

    Jim, you can’t reduce the question of whether to vote Labour at the next election to doing the opposite of what ‘The Sun’ says.

    My reaction to Harman and Woodley’s speeches was the complete opposite: not only were these the pathetic ‘we never really loved Murdoch’ whines of the unceremoniously dumped (something they kept remarkably quiet about for the last twelve years) but what also stuck in my throat was that this is the one thing they can bring themselves to show some anger about, not Vestas, not the deportation of asylum seekers, not the minimum wage, not the anti-union laws, not the privatisation of public services but the fact that Rupert doesn’t want to be their friend any more.

  4. Jim Denham said,

    Matt: my comment about this episode persuading me to vote Labour was facetious: I intended to anyway. And whilst I agree with you about Harman’s response, I believe Woodley’s was quite different, and motivated by quite different (ie: class and. specifically, Scouse) considerations.

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