Voodoo for gullible Catholics

September 26, 2009 at 5:30 pm (Catholicism, Christianity, Europe, fascism, Guardian, Ireland, Jackie Mcdonough, religion, religious right)

No, I don’t actually mean this:

The casket of St Therese of Lisieux's bones

… horrible and ghoulish though it is.

No, what I had in mind was a poll presently being trumpeted by various anti-EU fanatics and fantasists (including the Morning Star), purporting to show  “a massive surge in support for the no side” in next week’s referendum on the Lisbon Treaty. According to the poll, 59 per cent of Irish voters now intend to vote “no” – a dramatic reversal of the results of all other polls to date.

The likes of Bill Cash, Ukip, the Morning Star and Sinn Fein have all hailed the poll, conducted by an outfit named Gael Poll. Today’s  Guardian quotes Roger Jupp, the reputable Dublin pollster and chairman of the Association of Irish Market Research Organisations, thus: “This is a voodoo poll…It is quite extraordinary. My colleagues and I have been looking into this. I’ve never heard of these people (ie: Gael Poll).” According to the Graun, Jupp says the methodology is flawed and another analyist said that at best the survay might be regarded as a “straw poll.”

But more interesting is the nature of the organisation behind the “voodoo poll”, Gael Poll. The Graun says they call themselves “strong Catholic nationalists” and “Catholic researchers” who worked until last year at the Hibernian magazine, now closed.

Their leader, Gerry McGeough was once a convicted Provo IRA gunrunner, but has since broken with the Provos, to concentrate upon vigorous anti-EU campaigning, as well as (in the words of the Graun) his “far- right Irish nationalist, ultra-Catholic, anti-gay, and anti-immigrant”  views… in other words, the man’s as near as dammit a fascist.

And that’s the logic of  the anti-EU campaign in a nutshell (or nutcase), folks. Let’s hope they’re well and truly clobbered next week.

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  1. Gerry McGeough auf Abwegen « Entdinglichung said,

    […] bis die ihm „zu liberal“ waren, momentan spielt er eine nicht unwichtige Rolle in der irischen Referendumskampagne zur EU … der Wikipedia-Eintrag zu ihm listet folgendes auf, was ein wenig wie eine irische […]

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