Rage against politics

September 25, 2009 at 11:28 pm (Jim D, labour party, Marxism, SWP)

Assemble 12.00 noon, Madeira Drive, Brighton on Sunday 27 September, the first day of Labour Party conference…

It started as a rather tame lobby called by the UCU against cuts in public spending. Now it’s rebranded by the SWP as…


…with no specific demands at all!

“Social Democracy does not and cannot advance a single ‘negative’ slogan that would merely serve to ‘sharpen the consciousness of the proletariat against imperialism’ (a phrase of Pyatakov’s) without at the same time giving a positive answer to the question as to how Social Democracy would solve the same problem if it were in power. A ‘negative’  slogan that is not connected with a definite positive position does not “sharpen” the mind but blunts it …’’

VI Lenin:  A Caricature of Marxism (1916)

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  1. Matt said,

    Indeed Jim, typical SWP ra-ra-ra outside the Conference, in terms of ’sharpen[ing] the consciousness of the proletariat’ as bad as Woodley, Prentis et al sitting on their hands inside.

    A point I would be putting to said comrades if I didn’t think they were already high on their own propaganda (that and the coach leaving Manchester at 6 am).

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