That “Top 100”: a churl writes…

September 2, 2009 at 10:27 pm (blogging, blogosphere, Jim D, left, trivia)

  Gratifying as it is to be listed at number 71 (up from 85 last year, pop-pickers!), I have to ask: how the hell are these “top blog” lists compiled? What criterea are used? Does anybody out there know? Or care?

I mean, how is it that we’re ahead of  Neil Clark (74), Oliver Kamm (78) and Paul Flynn MP (95), but behind Bob from Brockley (47), Lenin’s Tomb (42) and A Very Public Sociologist (12)?

Not that we’re bothered about these trivial baubles, you understand. Or by coming behind Stroppyblog (53).



  1. Rosie said,

    Hey, I did my best. I voted for us loads of times.

  2. chris said,

    I came 9th in the poll, and I’m really disappointed – disappointed that some of my readers have nothing better to do than participate in such vacuous exercises.

  3. Exile said,

    Congratulations on keeping your place in the top100. I also managed to hang on in there, but dropped to number 94.

    Is it my imagination or is the Labour Party going out of its way to ensure that its stooges keep their top spots?

  4. Jim Denham said,

    Do I take it that this “top 100” list was decided by a vote?

  5. Selected Reading 03/09/09 UPDATED « Left Outside said,

    […] Shiraz Socialist shares mybemusement at the results to the Top 100 Left of Centre Blogs. […]

  6. Exile said,

    Jim Denham,

    I do seem to remember being asked to list my top ten blogs and then submit the list somewhere or other. I had just come out of hospital so was not exactly at my best, but I created the list and then passed the information along to mates.

  7. Bob said,

    I hadn;t realised the results were in. I can now reveal that I voted for you guys in my no.2 slot (after myself of course) and am rather suprised to have undeservedly beaten you. Congrats to Chris D. And glad we both beat Clark and Kamm. The only way is up comrades.

  8. Eskimo Sue R said,

    I read once that most secondhand books (the collectible sort) are sold to other dealers who then sell them on to other dealers. re blogs like that? Read by other blogowners who then blog? I mean where’s the man on the Clapham omnibus in all this?

  9. susan press said,

    Well I crashed spectacularly to 93 but there you go. But good to note lots of leftie bloggers up there with the stooges…….am I bovvered? Well, in all honesty, a litle bit. But not much.

  10. Exile said,

    That is a frightening thought, Sue, and one that has gone through my mind from time to time. The good news is that occasionally we bloggers do something that puts us ahead of the mainstream pack. Take the Donkey Two – a pair of wallies, frankly, but who have managed to arouse the ire of the Azerbaijan government. I am trying to set up some blog-based support for them, but without success so far. If anyone want to join in, then feel free.

    I am sorry that Bob feels to the need to gloat about Neil’s position in the list. At the end of the day, and unlike Gimlet Kamm, Neil believes in the old socialist values of equality of outcome and a fully collectivised economy.

    We should also remember that if it hadn’t been for Neil taking up my anti-harki campaign and giving it valuable publicity, today the warmongers would be able to console themselves with the thought that although they lost the war they had saved the scabs. Sorry, losers, but facesavers are not on offer these days.

  11. sasha ismael said,

    Lenin is able to use his brain, so perhaps it’s good he’s ranked higher

  12. maxdunbar said,

    Gloating over, and taking credit for, the murder of Iraqis. How fucking pathetic is that.

  13. Exile said,

    No, gloating over the punishment of arse-licking scabs, Max. There is a difference.

  14. maxdunbar said,

    Gloating over the murder of Iraqis who commit the political crime of not blowing themselves up at a Baghdad marketplace. I know you’ve heard this before – but Christ, what a cunt you are.

  15. Exile said,

    Excitable, aren’t you? All twitchy and wound up at the thought that your little adventure has gone pear-shaped. As for me, I haven’t enjoyed myself so much since the night that the Brighton Bomb went off and Tebbit’s wife became his very own cabbage.

    A couple of years ago I stood on the spot where this film was shot with the son of a member of the original firing squad. We had a good chat and went off to get sloshed afterwards.

    Then again, I am not one to make excuses for arse-licking scabs.

  16. josh said,

    presumably if post 11 were actually by Sacha Ismail, he’d have bothered to spell his own name correctly.

  17. Jim Denham said,

    Exile: who exactly are you calling “arse licking scabs”?

    When you’ve replied, I’ll decide what to call you.

  18. Exile said,

    I didn’t come over here to pick a fight, Jim. All I wanted to do was congratulate you on staying within the top 100.

    That said, this old wank started because I defended Neil. I did that partly because he is a mate and we get sloshed together whenever I am home, but mainly because sectarianism makes my piles itch. We need to concentrate on the areas of agreement, and work towards strengthening them.

    We have now had thirty years of defeat after defeat and thinking about my nieces and nephews in the UK, folk who are now in their 30s and 40s, I cannot think of one who has ever had a real job. A lifetime on the social is no life at all.

    We really cannot afford the luxury of yet more hand shandery – let’s forget the disagreements and concentrate our fire on the real enemy.

  19. maxdunbar said,


    He’s talking about Iraqis who work for the coalition.

    You’ll probably remember that some of those Iraqis sought asylum in the UK as they were receiving death threats and worse from the Glorious Resistance.

    This is Neil Clark’s view, which Exile endorsed:

  20. Exile said,

    Er, no, that’s my view which Neil endorsed. I was the one who started the campaign to keep the harkis out and leave them to their fate. As I explained earlier, it seemed to me important that the warmongers didn’t even get that little bit of satisfaction. The fact that you are screaming like a big girl’s blouse only proves my point. Stop mithering for God’s sake.

    I see that you live in Manchester. If the east side of the city is your stamping ground, then we may have mates in common in Ancoats, Miles Platting and Newton Heath. Lift a pint for me in all those swill shops that you find along Oldham Road.

    As I said I did not intend to start a barnie, and I do genuinely wish you all the best. I honestly don’t understand how bringing an army of scabs into the UK is going to persuade our people that socialism is a cause for them, and I do think that this idea needs more thought. That said, it’s all pretty much moot since the Iraqis are hunting them down one by one and sorting out the problem themselves.

    Cheers now

  21. Jim Denham said,

    You’re a scab, a racist and an all-round disgrace “Exile”. How the hell anyone thinks you’re “left-wing” is beyond me. More like some sort of fascist.

  22. Rosie said,

    Jim, Exile is a 24 carat malevolent shit, but don’t spend your time and energy telling him so. It gives him a bit of a thrill. He’s a totally weird kind of sadomasochist – really gets off on images of Iraqi translators being tortured and murdered, and also gets off on people abusing him.

    He really is disgusting and should be deleted and banned.

  23. Jim Denham said,

    Volty: hear that?

  24. maxdunbar said,

    Jim’s ‘fascist’ insult is particularly apt as Exile Ken has boasted of his social chats with BNP regional organiser Mick Treacy.

    Stupid, boring, nasty old man.

  25. Jim Denham said,

    Oh my gawd…it’s that Ken Ball (not the bandleader) character again. Oh yes: he *is* a “red-brown” scumbag. He’s banned.

  26. Jim Denham said,

    Threats now, eh, Bell? You’re not welcome here. Fuck off!

  27. Rosie said,

    Threats now, eh, Bell? You’re not welcome here. Fuck off!

    I hope that “Bell” is a typo, Jim. Otherwise I’m cut to the heart.

  28. DC said,

    Bell is a racist and so is Neil Clark. Their views are totally in line with the BNP on foreigners, immigration, hanging and gay-bashing. Clark got banned from Comment is Free and The Guardian well over a year ago, so the Iraqi interpreters piece is probably the last anyone will hear of him.

  29. maxdunbar said,

    Rosie – his name is Ken Bell.

    Clark is banned from CiF?

  30. Philip Cross said,

    If anyone doubts the principal claims of DC about Neil Clark, they can start with his article of June 8 from “The First Post”:,news,why-the-working-class-dumped-labour-left-and-voted-far-right-bnp-in-the-european-elections

    An article by Clark from “The First Post”, “Hungary is counting the cost of capitalism”, has mysteriously surfaced on the website of Jobbik, the Hungarian far-right party.

    The Iraqi interpretators article was published a year before Clark’s last article for CiF, so there is probably not a direct link with him being dropped. More likely to be connected with Seumas Milne, a friend of his, ceasing to be Comment editor. Clark still writes monthly for the “Morning Star”.

  31. Rosie said,

    Rosie – his name is Ken Bell.

    Thanks for the reassurance, Max. I can stop sniffling at my desk and put my tissues away.

  32. Voltaire's Priest said,

    Jim: you know what to do with Mr Bell if he becomes consistently abusive and threatening…

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