Jeremy C*******

July 27, 2009 at 4:29 pm (comedy, Jim D, Tory scum, twat)

Letter in today’s Graun; can’t improve on it:

It is truly outrageous that you have printed the C-word on the front page of  this normally distinguished newspaper (Clarkson crashes into trouble with C-word attack on PM, 25 July). I am all in favour of free speech, and, I must admit, I have used the C-word myself on occassions when I want to truly insult someone given that the word is totally offensive to many decent, civilised people and is a way of ensuring that the recipient of the insult knows that I regard them with the utmost contempt.  But, when I do so, I at least try to ensure that when I am referring to someone as a right “clarkson”, it is done with a degree of discretion.

Alan Payling


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