The Hitler-lover who runs Formula One

July 12, 2009 at 9:56 pm (fascism, grovelling, Jim D, plutocrats, Racism, sport, Tony Blair, twat)

The brilliant Catherine Bennett, writing in today’s Observer, nails both the disgusting little Hitler-lover who runs the so-called “sport” of Formula One, and the politicians (notably but far from uniquely, Blair), who have grovelled to him to the point of changing the law and spending millions on new roads to facilitate his business interests.

It’s one of Bennett’s finest pieces; here’s a flavour:

“An unashamedly sexist, racist, absurdly polluting celebration of speed, run for enormous personal profit by a Hitler fan who hates democracy is, you gather, up there with the World Cup and Olympics as a font of national pride and prosperity. In reality, given motor racing’s indelible associations with fascism, it’s hard to imagine a sport with a nastier history, in line with its unspeakable present. But Blair saved his loathing for fox-hunting.”

Read the rest here.


  1. NGC 891 said,

    Another example of Guardian style shite continuing it’s slow infiltration of the Observer. I’m no fan of motor racing, and BE is a uniquely insufferable little f**ker, but to rage on in this bizarre and tedious fashion about a whole sport, based on a few unsavoury factors is just pathetic.

  2. martin ohr said,

    #1 precisely. it’s like condemning Football because of Sepp Blatter.

    I really like F1, it’s one of the few sports that is improved rather than ruined by TV, and given that it is totally free to watch on the BBC, not such a bad thing.

  3. entdinglichung said,

    the best thing what today’s DIE LINKE chairman Oskar Lafontaine ever did was that his state government in Saarland banned motor sport events (because of ecological reasons) in 1985 … unfortunately, pressure by courts and automobilists’ associations pushed them to revoke this policy

  4. Matt said,

    I have similar concerns about the ecological impact of F1 (despite quite enjoying it) although when you put it up against mass car use and air travel it seems pretty minor.

  5. martin ohr said,

    I’d say the ecological impact of F1 is small compared to premiership football, and no-one would dream of banning teams from flying or fans from travelling

  6. Alec said,

    In shameless self-publicity, here’s my take on motor-racing’s association with Nazism.

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