The Ridiculous takes on the Repugnant

May 26, 2009 at 10:01 pm (elections, expenses, MPs, voltairespriest)

I suppose that most of the Westminster world will tonight be talking about David Cameron’s decentralisation plans, which are splashed all over the media. I thought however that just this once I’d celebrate the trivial instead, and salute the rotund Tory newspaper columnist Simon Heffer, for signalling his intent to lance the boil on the carcass of politics that is the expenses scandal by taking it on at source. Yes, he’s going to stand against the political titan that is Deputy Speaker of the House Sir Alan Hazelhurst, if he doesn’t pay back £12,000 in claimed expenses.

Go for it Si. I can just sense that the voters of Saffron Walden are ready for a real choice. And with people like you, Esther Rantzen, Lynn Faulds Wood and Robert Harris in the Commons, we at Shiraz Socialist just know the political sphere is in safe hands. Furthermore, if Bozo the Clown gets that deposit together to run against Birmingham Perry Barr’s Khalid Mahmood, then we shall be out on the streets working for him. Be sure of that.


  1. Rosie said,

    So instead of being critics sitting scribbling at the back they’re going to get on stage under the spotlight. It should be like making the punters at a gig who have been chucking things at the act to go on out there and see how much better they can do. Are any big-time bloggers offering to be part of this clean up democracy mob? Guido Fawkes for instance?

    If so, couldn’t this blog put up a collective MP? We could share the salary (plus expenses plus use of a pied a terre in London).

  2. voltairespriest said,

    And a permanent table reservation at the Cork and Bottle in Leicester Square for taxpayer-funded 3 bottle lun-err I mean for meeting constituents of course!

  3. Frida Rodrigres said,

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