Basic human decency

May 9, 2009 at 5:44 pm (hell, Human rights, Jim D, Racism) ()

Well meaning liberals who at least care about human life are, in my humble opinion, preferable to so-called “leftists” who apologise for genocide.

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protect the human

Defy Them. Join Amnesty

Torturers, traffickers, executioners, rapists, THEY all want you to STOP READING NOW.

A man in Algeria who tortures people by forced ingestion of urine to simulate drowning.
A businessman in eastern Europe who sells women to the sex trade.
A general in Burma who uses soldiers to silence monks.
A militiaman in Sudan who wages war by raping women.

THEY are all real people. THEY are all going about their business as you read this email.

And THEY all share one hope: that you DON’T WATCH THIS FILM.


A lot of people are hoping you won’t watch this film. But many more are hoping you will.


Tom Fyans
Head Of Campaigns

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  1. luke said,

    I think Richard Seymour is scum, but calling him an apologist for genocide based on that posed is unfair. I hate to agree with Seymour, but the article he quotes is quite illuminating, a friend of mine is the son of a high-ranking family in Congolese politics and the ignorance about the Congo compared to Darfur is a point he often makes.

  2. Gregory said,

    “A businessman in eastern Europe who sells women to the sex trade.:

    You outstanding hypocrite. Your colleague Douglas Fox was giving them away free in internet competitions!


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