Rob Williams victimised

April 29, 2009 at 7:17 pm (Jim D, unions, workers)

Date: Tue, 28 Apr 2009 17:39:05 +0100
From: Paul.Birkett@TRW.COM
Subject: Fwd: STOP PRESS: Key union activist sacked

Please see below message from Dave Nellist re. the sacking of Rob Williams at Linamar, Swansea.

Paul Birkett
National Secretary
United Left

>>> “Dave Nellist” <> 28/04/09 17:13:13 >>>


Could you circulate this throughout the broad left lists:

Rob Williams, the Unite convenor of the Linamar car parts factory in
Swansea, was called into the directors’ office of the plant on Tuesday 28
April and told that he was being sacked for “irretrievable breakdown of
trust”. This blatant victimisation of one of the leading left-wing shop
steward activists in the car industry was met by an immediate production
line walk-off by the day shift. They surrounded Rob’s union office after
management called in police to forcibly remove Rob from the building.  The
night shift have been called in early to reinforce the defence of their

Rob has been very active in the campaign of the sacked Visteon car parts
workers and has recently visited all three of their plants. His sacking is
likely to be linked to his role in this struggle. The Visteon Unite
convenors are demanding that Rob be reinstated and they, alongside many
others, are calling on Unite joint general secretary Tony Woodley to also
back the immediate reinstatement of Rob.

Linamar is feeling the economic pinch and has recently announced 140

Messages of support should be rushed to

Rob Williams:

Also send messages to Unite the Union Wales urging support for Rob to

We cannot allow a leading trade union fighter to be dismissed without a
struggle for his reinstatement.

Many thanks

Dave N

Dave Nellist

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