Wonderful eccentrics we have known

April 18, 2009 at 12:16 pm (funny, good people, voltairespriest)

I got a little trip down memory lane yesterday courtesy of the Grauniad Diary, which had a short story about a Hertfordshire Liberal Democrat councillor.

When I was a student some years back, I was a regular attender at the University of London Union Council, which was basically a beery club of Student Union bureaucrats who hung around sneering at the NUS for being crap, and also spent many evenings taking the piss out of each other in a more genial fashion. However there were some stalwarts determined to take it seriously.

One of those was Allan Siao Ming Witherick, a truly lovable character who if I remember rightly was a student at UCL. He would run for office on a regular basis, always lose, but kept coming back for more like the plucky soldier he was. He was of those people who nobody disliked, and even though I never voted for him it actually saddened me that he never got his hands on one of the posts he so clearly coveted in a political forum which he loved. I can still remember him passing our delegation his leaflets and gamely pointing out the “loan does not equal a grant” symbol on the front, before bounding off towards the people from Royal Holloway, presumably to discuss rugby or whatever Allan had decided would swing votes from that union in his direction.

Indeed, in one of my very rare successes in Student Union politics, I once beat him to a minor ULU elected position, albeit only just. He had clearly spent some time preparing, whereas I had spent the previous few hours in the bar, ranting at my fellow students about some obscure point of left-wing politics or another. Nevertheless I managed to slur out enough coherent sentences to scrape past him by a wafer-thin margin, a fact that in some ways I now rather regret.

Imagine my delight then to see that not only has Allan been elected to a grown-up political body, but also that he is still breaking new campaigning ground by speaking about his views on Council Tax freezes and other crucial issues… via the medium of rap music. He always was, is, and ever will be, a legend. Keep trucking Allan.



  1. d.z. bodenberg said,

    Bizarre. I was waiting for him to say “and that´s a bit like God, isn´t it?”, as it reminded me all too much of a trendy (attempting to be trendy) biology teacher in my school who was an evangelical Christian and did assemblies far too often. In exactly the same style, but with better props.

    And it´s not technically rap, and certainly isn´t musical. If he wants to “go viral”, it´ll need better presentation. But overall, very Libdem. Perhaps he should team up with Neil Young and make a concept album together about the “6 to fix”, once Mr. Young´s got bored of his biodiesel-hybrid car.

  2. Duncan said,

    Painfully embarassing to watch.

    I don’t think I’m the only one who thinks that either, whoever posted the video up on Youtube keeps deleting critical comments posted there.

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