March 29, 2009 at 4:36 pm (Caroline S, labour party, sex workers)

Well here’s an interesting development:As you all know, Jacqui Smith is very dedicated to ridding the community of the blight of the poor unfortunate ladies of the night, so blinded by patriarchy, they think it’s fair crack to sell their souls to the incubi kerb crawlers.

Meanwhile, her own husband is actively thwarting her plans to bring emancipation to these bad lasses by exploiting them even further. Yes – Mr. Jacqui Smith has downloaded prostitutes and charged the taxpayer for the pleasure of doing so!

I for one am sickened by the hypocrisy. If you can’t trust Jacqui’s husband, who can you fucking trust, eh? And that is £67 the taxpayer will not be seeing again.

Shall we see what the Sundays have to say?

The Sunday Times
goes with Jacqui Smith ‘mortified’ as adult movies put on expenses:

Jacqui Smith revealed she is “mortified and furious” after the cost of two adult films watched by her husband were paid for out of the Parliamentary expenses budget.

Yes, I bet she is.

The Sunday Telegraph, Jacqui Smith ‘claimed for husband’s adult movies on expenses’

The revelation is an embarrassment to Ms Smith, who last month faced criticism for claiming taxpayer-funded allowances for a second home while living with her sister.

Really not going well for Jacqui anyway, is it? This could [crosses fingers] finish her.

Next, the little buggers who broke the story – The Sunday Express with JACQUI SMITH PUT ADULT FILMS ON EXPENSES

As she fought for her political life last night, Ms Smith apologised after being confronted by the Sunday Express.

“fought for her political life…” [sparks up cigarette]

The MirrorHome Secretary Jacqui Smith submitted expenses claim for adult films watched by husband

A friend said the Home Secretary knew there was “no excuse” for the error but added: “To say she’s angry with her husband is an understatement.

“Jacqui was not there when these films were watched…”

I don’t want any shit head comments casting aspirtions on Jacqui’s integrity. If she said she didn’t watch them, she didn’t watch them. Mm’kay?

One more? Ok, The Sunday Mail with the very saucy headline – Blue movies on expenses: Jacqui Smith’s husband apologises for watching porn… paid for by the taxpayer. “Blue Movie”, bloody hell guys, bit much for a Sunday morning, that.

So, this is glorious. But let me tell you why it is glorious –

  1. She’s in trouble again.
  2. She’s saving the whores while her husband creates a demand for them – it has irony, hypocrisy and, just, y’know, beaucoup de lolz.

Now, let me explain why people should be pissed off –

  1. It was charged to her expenses.
  2. Which means she’s either really fucking careless or really fucking cheeky.

Problems? The porn bit. There’s the tempation there to chastise the dude for watching filthy dirty smut. The media have gloated over his humiliation at having to apologise, and to be fair I bet he was fucking mortified. But the actual watching of porn isn’t shameful nor is it a reason to apologise.

I think this is one to keep an eye on, not to laugh at Jacqui, cos we’ve done that, but to see how the media handles this. Fair enough to get on your high horse about the films being charged to her expenses, but simply moralising on the watching of pornography – FAIL.

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  1. voltairespriest said,

    Oh, that just made my day! Top notch! 😆

  2. Jim Denham said,

    I take your point about not moralising about porn, Caroline: but this is just too good not to gloat over. Actually – to b honest – I’m laughing my bollocks off.

  3. NGC 891 said,

    Can what is on those ‘adult’ cable channels actually be considered ‘porn’? Granted they were ONCE pornography, but then the channel editors turn them into bizarre (but not in a good way) edited ‘lowlights’.

    I just can’t understand, given the vast and varied amount of the ‘real’ thing online, why anyone in their right mind would pay to see this dross.

    Ahem, not that I’m an expert or anything.

  4. Caroline said,

    @ NGC 891 – that had crossed my mind, actually… Yeah, I’m wondering too.

    And, funnily enough, I was having that conversation with someone on Twitter before – why would people pay for porn when you get get good stuff free? TV stuff IS dross, you’re right.

  5. hotmandy said,

    Brilliant stuff! This had me giggling so much I almost fell off my chair laughing! Here were my thoughts on this issue http://hotmandy.wordpress.com/2009/03/31/home-secretarys-hubby-loves-hot-amateurs-too/ personally, I think its hilarious! x

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