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March 28, 2009 at 9:34 am (comedy, crap, deviants, sectarianism, voltairespriest)

For saddos and lovers of sectarian bun-fighting (and let’s face it, who isn’t on a Saturday morning?), there’s a treat over at Splintered Sunrise. He’s dug up an article by Sean Matgamna, who presumably dug it up himself for publishing recently in the AWL’s paper Solidarity. Splinty ruthlessly mocks the AWL for bothering to re-publish the 15-year old critique of WRP dictator Gerry Healy, and then promptly demonstrates his own commitment to contemporary and relevant blogging by going through the thing and fisking it. We are then presented with comments from an impressive left-wing zoo, all of whom of course have strong views to offer on the AWL, presumably due to their having nothing better to do than spend hours on end doing in-depth research into the fortunes and foibles of a UK-based Trot group. Particularly impressive is the way that (with the exception of Lobby Ludd, occasionally of this parish) they all don’t leap to slap down the notion that the AWL is in the pay of some group of people who use “shekels” (hmmm). Of course I have assured them all that I will ask our own Zionist Paymaster to ascertain the veracity or otherwise of this so Rothschild if you’re reading this then please let us know.

In other highlights, Andy Newman (displaying once again his deep understanding of theology and history) goes “tee hee hee Jim Denham said Protestantism is historically more progressive than Catholicism”, and Liam Mac Uaid replies “umm well he’s right about that actually”, which appears to end Andy’s participation in the fun. Dr Paul, who I’m told is a nice bloke, complains that the AWL were nasty to him when he compared them to the RCP. Someone else mentions Jane Ashworth. It’s like a smorgasbord for anoraks so what on earth are you all still reading this for? Grab a yellowing copy of Newsline and get in there!


  1. resistor said,

    As if the AWL never spend hours discussing other sects at the behest of their dictator, Vogon Poet and Glorious, Beloved Leader for Life Sean Matgamna (AKA John O’Mahony, Seán Mac Mathúna, Paddy Dollard, Jack Cleary, Old Uncle Tom Cobblers and all)

  2. Nathan Rothschild said,

    Priest, AWL’s account has been bundled in with some other toxic debts and will no doubt be receiving largesse from the tax payers in due course. After what happened to my hireling Sir Fred “no Cred” Goodwin’s house and car, I’m lying low at the moment, in the company of half a dozen security blokes.

    If you’re one of the rabble that makes a show of invading my old haunts, the City, in the next few days, do you remember those happy times when the bankers waved wads of cash and poured champagne over the crusty-haired masses? Their spirits are not entirely broken. Expect placards at the windows:- Your Taxes, Our Bonuses, Ha! Ha! Not that that bunch of vegan soap dodgers ever entered into monetary transactions with the government, except at the benefits office. They pay less taxes than I’ve managed over the years, and that’s saying something.

    Like a balloon that was blown up to transparency and then released, capitalism is ricocheting round the room making loud hissy sounds. But don’t think that it won’t start expanding again, given the right amount of puff. So though I’ll have to put yourself and Denham on shorter hours, carry on your undermining, will you?

  3. voltairespriest said,

    Errm… Transistor, what have the AWL’s habits got to do with the fact that prattling on about a small Trot group is an exercise in political onanism? Not that I would expect you to get that, being a political “I-Speak-Your-Zionist-Conspiracy” machine and all. Also I’d dearly love to know how someone who claims to be a “tribunite” gets to be so obsessed with Zionism and so focussed on the AWL… perhaps you’d care to enlighten the world as to your political history?

    Rothschild: are we still on for the Ivy on Thursday?

  4. Jim Denham said,

    Over at Splintered Sunrise, Dr Paul says he’d got the idea from a photo, that I looked like Reg Varney (of “On The Buses” fame), only to be disappointed when he met me in the flesh and discovered that I’m a Clark Gable lookalike. OK: I made the last bit up.

  5. resistor said,

    So Volty, I post on an issue involving the AWL and their dictator, don’t mention Israel and you think only of Zionism? Who is the obsessive here?

  6. charliethechulo said,

    But you *are* an obsessive “anti-Zionist”, aren’t you, transistor? As well as an anti-semite, of course. Not that the two things are always the same: just that in your case, they are.

  7. voltairespriest said,

    Oh no Transistor it was just idle curiosity. If you’d rather not talk about your hang-ups, I understand.

  8. Nathan Rothschild said,

    Rothschild: are we still on for the Ivy on Thursday?

    I put a word in with the owner, and you and Denham can start work in the kitchens next week. But that’s the last favour you’ll get out of me for a while.

  9. voltairespriest said,

    Fucker. Get your cash out – one of my liberal dilletante mates has just been on the phone and I have to go to the pub. It’s costly plying people with alcohol in the name of ZOG, you know.

  10. resistor said,

    So when was Matgamna elected as your leader?

  11. maxdunbar said,

    He wasn’t elected as such, but at the Council of Elders it was decided that he was a good old boy who’d been waiting his turn for years.

  12. voltairespriest said,

    As whose leader, Transistor? I fear you’re having one of your funny turns again…

  13. Jim Denham said,

    He’s the leader of us Fenian Zionist Shachtmanite Freemasons: he was appointed by acclamation at one of our ceremonies, where we bared our breasts, promised to execute Gerry Adams as a traitor, drank the blood of Christian children and vowed our allegience to the CIA.

  14. resistor said,

    So if he wasn’t elected, how did he become leader? Do explain democracy in the AWL.

  15. maxdunbar said,

    Normally you approve of tiny totalitarian sects.

  16. voltairespriest said,

    He does, but not those of the left-wing kind.

  17. resistor said,

    ’15.maxdunbar said,
    March 30, 2009 at 6:55 pm

    Normally you approve of tiny totalitarian sects.

    16.voltairespriest said,
    March 30, 2009 at 10:37 pm

    He does, but not those of the left-wing kind.’

    The only party I’ve been a member of – is the Labour Party

    I can’t stand personality cults like the SWP, WRP and the AWL where everything the Dear Leader for Life says has to be taken as 100% correct..

    So when did the AWL elect Matgamna?

  18. maxdunbar said,

    You do know that, of all the people writing for this site, only Jim is in the AWL?

  19. resistor said,

    Then let Denham reply, if he can.

  20. Bruce said,

    Resistor – you shouldn’t ask rhetorical questions to which you don’t know the answer. When you get it wrong, you just look stupid.

    Sean Matgamna was elected to our (AWL) National Committee at our last AGM nearly a year ago – the next one, complete with contested elections (rather more democratic than the Labour Party’s leadership election), will be in May.

    If you think “the AWL [is] where everything the Dear Leader for Life says has to be taken as 100% correct” you can’t have read our paper or even this website. Unlike the SWP or WRP we do believe in democratic debate where members can disagree with the majority as the record very clearly shows.

    So, less bollocks please…

  21. voltairespriest said,

    You’ll be lucky if that stops him, Bruce…

  22. resistor said,

    AWL democratic? Believes in democratic debate?

    Ask Dave Broder


    You either print Matgamna’s Vogon ‘poems’ because you have to, or you think they’re good. Either reason disqualifies the AWL from serious debate. You’re just a vanity publishing project.

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