Kirsty MacColl

December 18, 2008 at 10:57 pm (music, Rosie B, Uncategorized)

After the death of the Princess of Wales in an accident, there was a clip that was often played of a woman saying, “We have lost this clever, witty something or other.”  Clever! Witty?  There was no evidence given of any of the cleverness or wit of the well-born clothes wearer.

But 8 years ago we did lose a clever and witty woman in a stupid accident.  That woman was Kirsty MacColl.

Hen party version:-

Kirsty MacColl 10 October, 1959 – 18 December, 2000


  1. Darren said,

    Tropical Brainstorm is a wonderful album. Never a week goes by when I don’t play three or four tracks at high volume.

  2. Euripides Trousers said,

    I don’t think TB is up there with her best, personally. The From Croydon To Cuba box set is essential for anyone really.

    There’s a slightly odd Kirsty memorial society thing who meet up in Soho Square sometimes.

    Her dad was an old tankie and used to have regular folk sessions in a pub round the corner from here back in the 50s. Sounds like a rubbish dad though.

  3. KB Player said,

    “Sounds like a rubbish dad though.”

    Yeah, but a good songwriter, Ewan MacColl.

  4. wallernotweller said,

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