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December 14, 2008 at 12:29 am (blogging, Christmas, crap, voltairespriest)

Special Hat!As Jimbo rightly points out in the post below, it’s the festive season. In tandem with Denham’s Christmas song competition (if he ends up in a Jerusalem prison cell for promising 25 quid’s worth of booze, don’t be surprised), it’s time for us to make the award for the 2008 Shiraz Socialist Order of the Tinfoil Hat! It’s a huge honour and a great institution, and what’s more this time we’re opening it up to public nominations, in keepng with the spirit of democracy and freedom of speech for which this blog is famed far and wide. So make your voices heard!

There are various contenders already, but we welcome each and every one of your suggestions. What we are looking for is your choice of the ultimate online weirdo, that person who says the most off-the wall things about political questions of the day, the Don Quixote de nos jours, the sublimely ridiculous, the Fool on the Hill. We want, in short, the internet uber-twat of the year. And no, you can’t nominate us.

The prize is not being on next year’s list. Or a night of passion with a man in a John Rees mask. Now feck off and think of some names!


  1. Red Maria said,

    I nominate Mary Venomball MEP.
    The citation reads: for services to political Catholicism above and beyond the call of duty.

  2. voltairespriest said,

    I nominate the one and only Mr David Lindsay, for services to trying to set up a new political party via the web! Of course this is for his creation of the British People’s Alliance, whose cross-section of British and Commonwealth Patriot candidates I’m told are likely to sweep both Brown and Cameron before them at the next election.

  3. Jim Denham said,

    If we rule out Ms Kaschke ( on grounds of the well-known Marx Brothers Sanity Clause, that leaves the stern Ms Melanie Phillips, of whose opinions I am a well-known fan.

  4. voltairespriest said,

    Oh I don’t know, maybe we should allow Kaschke into the running. Tinfoil hats also protect the wearer from libel, or so I’ve heard.

  5. voltairespriest said,

    Actually, my God! I forgot David Ellis!

  6. Dave said,

    I insist that Kaschke is at least shortlisted.

  7. Voltaire's Priest said,

    Shortlisted? She’s one of the favourites! It’s OK, I’ve cleared her nomination with the Rothschilds.

  8. Richard Bayley said,

    Just HAS to be David Ellis…….. in particular his remarks about “penis cancer”, which went such a long way towards me finally realising he’s just a fourteen year old, tugging in front of his screen.

  9. stroppybird said,

    So are you going to put a list to the vote or will it be decided in a non smokey room with you , Jim and a bottle of whiskey ?

  10. Guru said,

    I’ll indulge my pupil and nominate she who is one apfel short of the full strudel, one kartoffel short of a salat.

  11. hangbitch said,

    Well, fellas,

    My two cents:

    I’m seeing a dead heat between the schwarzwalderkirschtorte and Mad Nads Dorries for the legendary Hand of Hope (fetus giving the ‘whatever’ sign out of the side of a uterus, mid-operation) post.

    Surely those two clear the rest of the field by a whole horse’s arse.

  12. maxdunbar said,


  13. resistor said,

    I nominate non-novelist Max Dunbar who promoted a book dedicated to two fascists without informing his readers of that fact.

    ps The book claimed to expose hypocrisy, an irony lost on Dunbar and the two authors.

  14. Jim Denham said,

    This vile, arse-licking tyrant-lover surely desrves a mention:
    The only trouble is that (as I understand it) the tinfoil hat can only be awarded to someone who is, shall we say, a bit…well…nuts. This scumbag doesn’t have that excuse.

  15. maxdunbar said,

    By ‘promoted’ you mean ‘reviewed’

    Resistor, I really doubt the dedicatees were fascists, but I don’t share your obsessive interest in Zionist politics, or for that matter your warped definition of ‘fascist’

  16. Janine said,

    I’d second (or third, fourth, fifth) the nomination for David Ellis, particularly following his awesome argument over on Stroppyblog that reporting acid attacks on Afghan women equates to support for imperialism.

    But I’d also have to throw in a nomination for Stroppyblog’s occasional right-wing, politically-incorrect, capitalist-enthusiast commenter David Duff.

  17. resistor said,

    Dunbar writes

    ‘Resistor, I really doubt the dedicatees were fascists,’

    The dedicatees were Ariel Sharon and Bibi Netanyahu.

    What part of fascist don’t you understand?

    And no, you didn’t review it because you withheld the above vital information. You clearly don’t know the difference between a review and a ‘puff piece’.

    Here’s where you offer to promote a book not sent to you to review where you have this cosy love-in conversation with the author.

    Max Dunbar
    13 September 2008, 11:58 am

    Chas – I’d be happy to review this on my blog.

    Chas Newkey-Burden
    13 September 2008, 12:07 pm

    Thanks, Max. That would be great. Your blog is great (agreed wholeheartedly with your superb review of Amis & Son, by the way). Drop me a line and I’ll arrange to get you a copy of my book.

    Max Dunbar
    13 September 2008, 12:44 pm

    Can’t find your email address on your blog, Chas – but I am on if you want to arrange.


    Burchill is well know for her admiration for the Israeli far right, her first book was dedicated to Menachem Begin who was exposed as a fascist by Einstein and Hannah Arendt, but who are they compared to the boy genius Max Dunbar?

    But how do the AWL groupies here think about their blog being used by Chas Julie and Max to promote a book dedicated to fascists? Doesn’t this make you collectively ‘internet uber-twats of the year’?

  18. voltairespriest said,

    I hereby re-nominate Transistor for the sheer effort and venom that went into that comment! Well done you!

  19. Voltaire's Priest said,

    And if it’s not too greedy can I nominate Willywanker as well? That’ll pretty much cover our current trolls. Anyone I’ve missed, other bloggers etc?

  20. Lurker said,

    voltairespriest –

    If you think that’s bad, check out this Harry’s Place post from 2005:

    See resistor’s posts at 1:02 am, 1:14 am, and 1:29 am.

    Hamas, the Palestinian branch of the clerical fascist Muslim Brotherhood, make similar arguments. There’s clearly a part of fascism that resistor doesn’t understand.

  21. KB Player said,

    This is about the 5th time I’ve tried to enter my nomination – didn’t realise you were so exclusive. Maybe the comments box has had a bad experience with one of the links I was posting, so will leave it out. .

    I hereby nominate an obscene arsehole who call himself Exile – those who have experienced him wish he was exiled out of the solar system altogether.

    His speciality is filling threads with obscenities while putting on the superior, knowing air of a James Bond villain.

    You can see him in action here:-

    He’ll be very flattered at getting an award, however derisory, being one of those blog saddos who welcome any attention. Even a kick in the crotch is better than nothing.

  22. modernityblog said,

    yeah KB,

    there’s seems to have been a slight problem putting in comments, I had similar difficulties early on

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