John Rees to be removed from SWP Central Committee

November 27, 2008 at 2:47 am (crap, SWP, voltairespriest, wankers)

Save the Goatee!Oooh, scandal. Well how do we feel about this one then kids? I for one feel that it’s just another scandalous denigration of ugly blokes with beards, which takes Sheriff of Nottingham impersonators further away from the acceptance and recognition that they so crave. Show some love for a goatee, you shameful Swoppies! A man who must have to go through a painstaking process of hours’ duration every morning in order to simultaneously maintain that Alan Rickman “Prince of Thieves” immaculate facial hair (see photographic model) and be able to recite exactly the same speech dozens of times a year deserves some support, I say!

Comrade Rees, rest assured that you have the unequivocal support of Shiraz Socialist in your struggle against the dinosaurian Harmanites in your party. I feel sure that with your proven Midas touch and peerless political skills, you and those who have the courage to stand with you in your hour of need will inevitably prevail. More power to yer elbow!

We are all John Rees!

Free The Goatee One!

h/t – Mod


  1. voltairespriest said,

  2. Andrew Coates said,

    Is this snivelling broad-beardy liquidationism all we can expect from the AWL and its wealthy backers from the Elders of Zion?

    Rees must be driven from the workers’ movement!

    Especially as he practically slammed a door in my face at Conway Hall this May.

  3. So Farewell then John Rees. « Tendance Coatesy said,

    […] with great sorrow that we learn of the SWP’s decision to dismiss Comrade John Rees  (and here) from its Central Committee. The pro-imperialists and globalising liquidators  may have criticised […]

  4. modernityblog said,

    No, no comrades and thrice no. Rees must be welcomed into the movement!

    the Weekly Worker has plenty of room and Rees will feel right at home amongst the Fisherites, they might be small now but once Rees has been to work they’ll rival the CPs of old, with millions of members.

    Smash the Harmonites, no to splitters, long live Chairperson Rees

  5. Darren said,

    On hearing this news, it’s Weekly Worker/CPGB that I truly feel sorry for.

    Another bombshell from the drama that is the ‘generals without armies’ saga (a cast that includes the SWP/the Millies/AWL/ Sparts etc etc) and not even a smidgeon of a mention in the latest Weekly Worker that is only this morning hot off the photocopier.

    The sooner Jack Conrad and Mark Fischer add the banning of the blogosphere to the CPGB’s Revolutionary Programme the better I say.

    PS – Volty, I think you’d suit a beard mate. 😉

  6. resistor said,

    My, how you Trots just love each other.

    More proof of Lenin’s view that Left-Wing Communism is An Infantile Disorder. I’d put the political age of this post at 8 years and 3 months.

  7. Voltaire's Priest said,

    Ok Resistor, go and comment at Andy Newman’s then. 🙂

  8. maxdunbar said,

    Anyone like to speculate on Resistor’s political age?

  9. Mark Ps said,

    Good point about the CPGB/Weekly Worker. There must be much weeping and nashing of teeth over at Conrad towers today.

    Their biggest problem is that the blogs can push far left gossip much faster than their outdated weekly gossip sheet model every allowed them to.

    Their secondary problem is that they seem to have become confused about the reasons why anyone looks at the Weekly Worker and have started filling the thing with idiotic bilge (otherwise known as their crazed views on politics and their fabulously dull “theoretical” articles). Nobody goes to your website to read the Great Leader’s views on Jesus Christ or some witterings from a pseudonymous student about climate change, you fucking idiots! Give the punters what they want!

    Back in its heyday they understood this. And they knew that if they couldn’t get any decent gossip, they could just make some up. Nowadays the only gossip they have is about the AWL or the Campaign for a Marxist Party and nobody fucking cares about the CPGB/WW with either of those grouplets. You could put all three of those organisation’s entire membership on a single decent sized bus. SWP, SP, CPB, SSP, Solidarity, (no longer the SLP, I’m afraid), that’s what the punters want!

  10. Darren said,

    “Nobody goes to your website to read the Great Leader’s views on Jesus Christ . . .”

    Funny you should mention that because it is coming around to that time a year again?

    Come early December I always ask myself three questions:
    1)Who’ll be Christmas number 1?
    2)Whose turning on the Christmas Lights on Oxford Street this year?
    3) How many pages of Weekly Worker will be given over this year to JC banging on about JC?

    better than an advent calendar. 😉

  11. Mark P said,

    Oh please no. I once actually read one of those articles and I can still put myself to sleep if I’m suffering from insomnia by trying to recall it’s details. Although the whole fucking paper is practically unreadable at the moment anyway, so I suppose it wouldn’t make that much difference.

    There isn’t a single bit of decent gossip in the latest issue. Not even one article. Just waffling articles about their actual opinions. The fucking idiots don’t seem to realise that if we wanted to read that kind of thing we’d be reading the paper of an organisation that doesn’t consist of two dozen fantasists. The other week the second biggest left wing conference of the year took place and they didn’t find the room for even a brief hatchet job! Not even one set of lies based on something they claim to have overheard in a corridor! For that matter, they don’t seem to be running even one spy inside another organisation at the moment!

    Useless bastards with their stupid delusions of grandeur.

    Perhaps you should start submitting entirely made up “leaks” from the SPGB?

  12. Darren said,

    “Perhaps you should start submitting entirely made up “leaks” from the SPGB?”

    I once tried to start a rumour that an SPGBer was spotted travelling on a bus without the use of a bus pass but it got laughed out of Jack Conrad’s Court.

    I’ll need to go have a sit down in my armchair and think a bit harder.

  13. entdinglichung said,

    I thought, that every SPGBer uses public transport without paying for a ticket … or do they wait, up to the moment, when the Commons will have abolished money after the parties electoral victory?

  14. Alan Laurence said,

    Err- why was he deselected (or whatever its called)?. What is Harman saying?

  15. Darren said,

    “parties electoral victory?”

    parties? No coalition govt for the SPGB, guv. Now work your way backwards. 😉

  16. Voltaire's Priest said,

    Alan – dunno. Where the fuck is JohnG when he’s needed?

  17. Dr Paul said,

    My thoughts on the demotion and now sacking of Mr German are that we have here an attempt to do a Tony Cliff-style operation, namely, find a scapegoat for a failed operation, change the line, and get on with the next wheeze without spending too much time raking over old coals. It is interesting that the SWP is still refusing to make any real assessment of the Respect fiasco, a ploy that cost them quite a lot in cadres and political credibility, and gained them nothing.

  18. entdinglichung said,

    @ Darren … typo … I meant “party’s electoral victory” … 🙂

  19. Darren said,

    hey, that’s more than a typo 🙂

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