‘Tis Autumn, by Paris

November 23, 2008 at 6:54 pm (jazz, Jim D)

He sang with Parker and Mingus. Very few people remembered him. Those that did thought he was dead. But he wasn’t: at least not until 2004, by which time film-maker and jazz fan Raymond De Felitta had finally tracked him down, and learning that the singer was terminally ill, filmed his last gigs within weeks of his death. This is truly incredible (though he takes a few bars to get in tune):

Jackie Paris: admired by Peggy, Ella, Sarah…and even Sinatra. Thank goodness De Felitta has given us this remembrance.

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  1. Jim Denham said,

    Jazz enigmas are endlessly fascinating: will that Buddy Bolden wax cylinder ever turn up? (answer: no – and even if it did, by now it would be unplayable); was Jack Purvis certifiably mad, and did he commit suicide in March 1962? (answers: yes and maybe); is Jamie Cullen actually any good? (answer: yes: but he’s not particularly good at jazz); how come anyone takes John Fordham seriously? (answer: I’ve no fucking idea); why is Diana Krall popular? (answer: I thought we were talking about enigmas, mate!); when will the BBC replace Humph’s Monday night programme? (answer: never. Because of the Beeb Cult of the Personality); when will I next hear Buck Clayton/Bud Freeman/Lester Young/Max Kaminsky/Johnny Dodds, etc, etc…on the BBC? (answer: it all depends on how much longer they keep Jazz Record Requests going; after that it’ll all be Jamie Cullen and Jules Holland: mark my words, mate.

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